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IJAH VOL 8 (1) January, 2019

Table of content

  1. La Traduction Théologique
  2. Ezuoke, C. O. (86-102)

  3. The Impact of Manpower Development on Organizational Efficiency in National Inland Waterways Authority of Nigeria (NIWA)
  4. Mustapha, A. I., Osho, M. O. (103-115)

  5. Import Control under Regionalism in Colonial Nigeria, 1954-1960
  6. Abolorunde, A. S. (116-132)

  7. Apprendre La Compréhension Orale en FLE au Kenya: Cas de l’Alliance Française d’Eldoret
  8. Okonda, R. A. (77-85)

  9. Culture, Morality, and the Homosexual Fix in Nigeria
  10. Yeseibo, J. E. (26-32)

  11. Spirituality, Power, and Feminism: Historical Narratives of Bori Practice among the Women in Sabon Birni District of Sokoto State
  12. Bawa, A. B. & Yandaki, U. A. (46-55)

  13. Practicum: A Missing Link in the Translator Training at the Postgraduate Level in Nigeria
  14. Mombe, M. N. (66-76)

  15. The “RAQAF” Concept of Ruach Yahweh (GEN 1:2) in the Old Testament and its Implications on Contemporary Christianity
  16. Allison, C. S., & Opuowei, J. (12-25)

  17. Catholicism in the Face of Pentecostalism in Nigeria: An Advocacy for a United Christianity
  18. Ele, Christian O. (1-11)

  19. The Role of the National Human Rights Commission (NHRC) in Post Conflict Situations in Nigeria
  20. Amalu, N. S. & Adetu, M. O. (133-143)

  21. Of Printmaking, Creativity and Studio Practice: A Dialogue with Malcolm Christian, Caverhsam Press
  22. Morgan, T. V. (144-151)

  23. Kin Endogamy and the Blood Taint in Ancient Egypt and Nigeria
  24. Aneni, M. O. (33-45)

  25. Psychosocial Variables and Sustainable Safety Environment in Secondary Schools in Calabar Education Zone
  26. Amalu, M. & Abuo, C. B. (152-159)

  27. Bruce Onobrakpeya: Categorization of Mythical Realism Period: 1959 to 1966
  28. Ubogu, Nics O. (178-187)

  29. 15. Sector-Specific Business Associations’ Performance Internalities: Evidence from Selected Associations of Food Processing SMEs in Rwanda and Tanzania
  30. Gamba, F. J. & Shayo, R. (160-177)


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