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LALIGENS VOL 7 (2) October, 2018

Table of content

  1. Ambiguity in Ikwere: An Exploration
  2. Alerechi, R. I. C. & Joshua, S. F. (108-124)

  3. Role Reversal and Women’s Violence against Men in Amma Darko’s The Housemaid
  4. Gbaguidi, C. & Kassin, A. (25-36)

  5. A Trilingual Creation of Terms of the Computer Language in English, French and Igbo
  6. Felix-Emeribe, N. & Okeogu, C. I. (37-48)

  7. Women as Leaders: A Historical Appraisal of Women Efforts in Conflict Prevention and Resolution in the Aghem Federation of Chiefdoms, Cameroon
  8. Ami-Nyoh, H. (9-24)

  9. Deconstructing and Navigating the Institutions of Education and Language in Tsitsi Dangarembga’s Nervous Conditions
  10. Ndour, Moustapha (1-8)

  11. African Indigenous Values Identified in Chinua Achebe’s “Things Fall Apart”: A Socio-Cultural Analysis
  12. Njiofor, Justin C. (49-60)

  13. Articulations of Feminine Voices in Ghana’s Parliament: A Study of the Hansard from 2010-2011
  14. Mensah, E.O. & Wood, S. F. (61-77)

  15. The Plights of Nigerian Writers in the Contemporary Era: The Ways Forward
  16. Nnyagu, U. & Mbah, V. C. (78-84)

  17. Foreign Exploitation of Tourism in Zakes Mda’s The Heart of Redness and The Whale Caller
  18. Ojedoja, Sanjo & Abubakar, A.S. (85-93)

  19. Deverbalising The Biblical Text for Translation and Interpreting
  20. Ezuoke, C. O. (94-107)

  21. An Appraisal of Organizational Citizenship Behaviour in Media Organizations and Journalism Practice in Nigeria
  22. Amannah, P. I. & Mba-Nwigoh, E. N. (125-135)

  23. A Semiotic Study of Political Cartoon Strips in The Nation National Daily
  24. Tyumbu, Martina Mnena (136-145)


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