AFRREV IJAH Vol 1 (3) AUGUST, 2012


1. Opinion Poll Surveys on Public Sentiments towards the Arts in Nigeria
Umukoro, J. O. (1-19)

2.The Theatre Artiste as Agent of Development
Agbasiere, C. (20-29)

3. The New Media and Arab Spring: A Critical Analysis
Anorue, L. I., Obayi, P. M. & Onyebuchi, C. A. (30-47)

4. Church and Community Development in Igbo Land: A Re-Visit
Nmah, P.E. & Amunnadi, C. A. (48-62)

5. Secularism in Nigeria: An Assessment
Ogoloma, Fineface I. (63-74)

6.Christianity and antagonistic challenges in Igbo Land of Nigeria: A reflection
Nmah, P. E. (75-87)

7.Oral Tradition as the Literary Skeleton of African Novels: A Study of Nkem Nwankwo’s Danda
Ifejirika, E. (88-103)

8. A Socio-Morphological Analysis of Koring Verbal Greetings
Nkamigbo, L. C. (104-115)

9. English for Examination Purposes (EEP): A Norm or a Genre?
Oladunjoye, O. S. (116-132)

10. The English Language and Communicability: The Nigerian Experience
Okeke, F. A. & Chukwu, K. U. (133-149)

11. Integrated Factors Correlating Undergraduate Academic Achievement in Bayelsa State, Nigeria
Iyunade, O. T. (150-167)

12. Effective Implementation of Counselling Curriculum and National Policy on Education in Cross River State Public Secondary Schools: Implications for Counselling
Adadu, P. M. A., Inaja, A. E. & Ekpang, P. U. (168-178)

13. Adult Functional Literacy Curriculum: Effective Strategy for Human Resource Development in Nigeria
Okafor V. E. & Ejezie C. (179-186)

14. An Exploration of the Historical and the Political Backgrounds of Liberia
Ojo, E. O. & Agbude, G. A. (187-200)

15. The 19th Century Anglo-Yoruba Relations
Abimbola, A. (201-207)

16. Nigeria Prisons and the Dispensation of Justice
Ajayi, J. O. (208-233)

17. Peace Education: The Visual Artist’s Responsibility
Emiemokumo, A. A. (234-245)

18. Gone but not Forgotten: The Commemorative Arts of Benin
Ebeigbe, S. U. (246-257)

19. Spatial Distribution of Micro Finance Institutions and Agricultural Development in Ekiti State, Nigeria
Simon-Oke, O. O. & Jegede, A. O. (258-269)

20. The Adoption of Strategic Management Accounting in Nigerian Manufacturing Firms
Akenbor, C. O. & Okoye, E. I. (270-287)

21. The Relationship between Government Policies on SMES and Development: A Study of Selected Countries
Onuoha, B. C. (288-309)

22. Contribution of Rural Schools to Socioeconomic Development in Swaziland’s Rural Areas
Dlamini, D. F., Kongolo, M. (310-322)

23. Hindrances towards Infusing Environmental Management into the Operation of Micro Enterprises in Nigeria
Okolocha, C. C. (323-339)

24. The Defunct Rivers State ‘School to Land’ Scheme: A Dream Deferred. Can the Objectives of the Songhai Farming Scheme in Rivers State be Achieved?
Igbanibo, S. T. (340-356)

25. Interest Rate, Inflation Rate and Exchange Rate Influence on the Nigerian Stock Market Index
Amadasu, David E. (357-366)