AFRREV LALIGENS, Vol 1, No 2, April-July, 2012


1. The Genders in Christian Anthropology Vis-a-Vis the Experience of Violence by Women in Nigeria
Ezenweke, E. O. & Kanu, I. A. (1-14)

2. Cradle to Grave: an Analysis of Female Oppression in Nawal El Saadawi’s Woman at Point Zero
Fwangyil, G. A. (15-28)

3. Myth and Feminism in Traditional Africa: Yvonne Vera's Nehanda as a Postcolonial Riposte
Ogbazi, I. J. (29-49)

4. An Enquiry Concerning the Religio-Cultural Experience of Women in Nigeria: Towards a Philosophy of Reciprocity
Kanu, Ikechukwu Anthony (50-60)

5. Gender Disparity and Its Impact on Higher Education
Deepika, N. & Devardhi, J. (61-72)

6. Overview of Gender Matrimonial Conflicts, Signs and Signals of Marriage Breakdown and Various Coping Strategies
Adegboyega J. A., Alla, J. B. & Akinnubi, C. F. (73-84)

7. Omenuko: The First Igbo Realistic Novel
Okodo, I. (85-95)

8. Stylistic Analysis of Ola Rotimi’s Hopes of the Living Dead
Lere, M. M. (96-110)

9. The Palm-oil with which Good Stories are told: Proverb as Plot Generator in Flora Nwapa’s Efuru and Idu
Asika, I. E. & Emeodi, L. I. (111-126)

10. The Decline of Proverbs as a Creative Oral Expression: A Case Study of Proverb Usage among the Ondo in the South Western Part of Nigeria
Akinmade, C. A. (127-148)

11. La Taxonomie Des Éléments Variables En Traduction Littéraire
Agbogun, I. M. (149-159)

12. Les Inexprimés Et Leurs Formes Diverses En Traduction
Ezeafulukwe, Olivia (160-170)

13. Assessing the Language of the Jos Crises: Syntactico-Semantic Implications of Pronouns
Ella, D. N. & Dugga, A. E. (171-184)

14. Morphological Devices Shaping the Inquiry into the Meaning of Life
Chukwu, E. & Umera-Okeke, N. P. (185-196)

15.Nominalization in Igbo Language: A Morphological Approach
Udemmadu, Thecla N. (197-212)

16.An Acoustic Study of the Phoneme as a Physical Reality: Aspects of Segmental Phonology in View
Dalyop, B. Dachung (213-223)

17.Silence as a Communicative Discourse Act in Nigeria
Ugwu, E. N. & Igene, S. O. (224-234)