AFRREV IJAH, Vol 1 (2) MAY, 2012


1. The Problem of Personal Identity in Metaphysics
Kanu, I. A. (1-13)

2. Christianity and community development in Igboland, 1960-2000: A Reflection
Nmah, P. E. & Nwadialor, L. K. (14-27)

3. The Family, Justice and the Culture of Life: Afro – Christian Perspectives
Ezenweke, E. O. & Kanu, I. A. (28-40)

4. Christianity, Polygyny and Homosexuality in Nigeria: A Theopeotics Culture of Acceptance and Rejection
Nmah, P. E (41-56)

5. Music, Technology and National Development: Rethinking Some Preliminary Assumptions
Umezinwa, E. C. & Okafor, P. C. (57-70)

Imonikebe, M. E. (71-84)

7. Re-reading Flora Nwapa’s Efuru and Idu: Myth as a Vehicle for Cultural Transmission and Awareness
Asika, I. E. & Akabuike, I. (85-99)

8.Obaraedo: Conformity to Proppian Morphology
Okodo, Ikechukwu (100-111)

9. The Social Cost of Criminalizing a Civil act: TRIPS Section 5 Obligations in Africa
Manu, Thaddeus (112-132)

10. Nelson Mandela and the politics of representation in Robben Island Museum, South Africa
Nwafor, O. (133-141)

11. Relationship between Road Distance Accessibility and Functional Index of Facility Occurrence in Lagos Island, Nigeria
Atubi, Augustus O. (142-156)

12. Application of Management Policies in the Processing of Member Claims in the National Social Security Fund (NSSF): A Case of Nakuru Branch, Kenya
Mwangi, S. W, Ochieng’, I. O., Aila, F. O. & Ntongai, S. J. (157-172)

13. Accounting for Peace and Economic Development in Nigeria, the Niger-Delta Case
Oghoghomeh, T & Ironkwe, U. I. (173-187)

14.28th Africa Cup of Nations (Gabon/Equatorial Guinea - 2012): Lessons for Nigeria Football
Jeroh, E. J. (188-194)

15. Road Traffic Accidents in Warri and Environs: A Ten-Year Survey
Atubi, Augustus .O. (195-210)

16. Office Employability Competencies Needed by Business Education Graduates for Effective Job Performance in Modern Organisations in Nigeria
Oduma, C.A. & Ile, C. M. (211-223)

17.Leadership Styles of Principals and Job Performance of Staff in Secondary Schools in Delta State of Nigeria
Duze, C. O. (224-245)

18. Strengths of the Business Plan and Industrial Collaboration Strategies in the Teaching of Entrepreneurship in Tertiary Institutions in Anambra State, Nigeria
Okolocha, C. C. & Ile, C. M. (246-261)

19. Relationship Between Type of School, Principals’ Management Approaches and Level of Students’ Discipline in Public Secondary Schools in Nyandarua and Laikipia Districts, Kenya
Kanjogu, J. K. & Bosire, J. (262-279)

20. Corporate Innovation and Entrepreneurial Development
Iyayi, F.I.O, Akinmayowa m J.T & Enaini, S. O. (280-304)

21. Organizational Characteristics That Are Antecedents to Organizational Learning: A Case of Maseno University, Kenya
Ochieng’ O., Ojera, P .B., Wanjare, J., Ntongai, J. S. & Naibei, K. I. (305-321)