AFRREV IJAH, Vol 1 (4) November, 2012


1.Nigerian Literature, Nationalism and the Experience of the African Diaspora: an Appraisal of Ike Oguine’s A Squatter’s Tale
Nyitse, L. M. & Iorhii, J. A. (1-12)

2. The Short Stories of Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie
Asoo, F. I. (13-27)

3. Story as History; History as Story in Chimamanda Adichie’s Half of a Yellow Sun
Uwasomba, C. (28-45)

4. Responding to the Challenge: Feminist Consciousness in Breaking The Silence: An Anthology of Short Stories
Bassey U. B. & Eton, S. D. (46-56)

5. Challenges of Effective English Language Learning in Nigeria Secondary Schools
Akujobi, O. S. & Chukwu, E. (57-68)

6. Regard critique sur l’exégèse lexicale dans la traduction de Douceurs du bercail d’Aminata Sow Fall
Onuko, T. (69-85)

7.Igbo Preposition: A Syntactic Approach
Udemmadu, T. (86-97)

8.The Linguistic Functions of Some Nonverbal Communication Features Operating as the Sub-plane of Language Use
Uyanne, M. C. & Oti, O. J. (98-111)

9.Mass Media Agenda and Conflict Resolution in Jos, Plateau State, Nigeria
Asemah, E. S. & Edegoh, L. O. (112-129)

10.Exploring the Solar Window Film: The Making of Landscape Compositions
Enenajor, M. E. (130-137)

11.Age and Gender as Correlates of Refugee Pupils’ Acquisition of Tolerance Skill
Ekine, A. & Oluwasakin, I. (138-150)

12.Towards Unifying Gender Disparity/Gap in STM: The Roles of ‘CAT’ and ‘SEIT’ in Enhancing the Career Interest of Female and Women in Male Dominated Studies/Occupations
Tella Adedeji (151-166)

13.Religious Dialogue in Nigeria: The Way Forward
Ejikemeuwa J. O. N. (167-175)

14.Neutrality as Realism in the New Global Order: A Treatise
Osai, O. J. (176-182)

15.Effects of Self Esteem, Emotional Health and Social Competence on Romantic Relationship of Adolescents in Nigeria
Ogunleye, A. J. (183-201)

16.Innovative Human Resource Management Practices and Firm Financial Performance in the Nigerian Banking Industry
Oladipo, J. A. (202-216)

17.Influences of Income Levels on Housing Demand: A Case of Low Income Earners in Eldoret Municipality, Kenya
Kefa, O. S., Momanyi, G., Oginda, M., Naibei, I. K. & Nyakweba, I. (217-233)

18.Inflation - Adjusted Accounting and Corporate Value Redefinition: Fixing Nigerian Investors’ Challenge
Maxwell, C. O. & Agundu, P. U. C. (234-249)

19.Bank Failure Prediction
Amadasu, David E. (250-265)

20.Creating Effective Citizenship through Implementation of Citizenship Education in Secondary Schools: A Panacea for good Governance in Nigeria
Okafor, V. E. & Onwudufor F.O. F. (266-273)

21.Social Benefits of Secondary School Farms in Rivers State, Nigeria
Emeya, S. & Ojimba, T. P. (274-290)

22.Supra-National Organisations and Conflict Resolution during the Nigerian Civil War: A Historical Review
Akinbi, J. O. (291-306)

23.Information and Communication Technology and Teacher Education in the 21st Century Nigeria
Osaat, Sunday D. & Oyet, Nathaniel I. (307-318)

24.Assessment of the Optimization of E-Learning Facilities to Lecturers and Students in Nigeria Federal Colleges of Education
Ifeakor, A. C. & Anujeonye, C. N. (319-334)