1. John Locke’s Epistemology and Teachings
Jaja, J. M. & Badey, P. B. (1-13)

2.An Appraisal of the Use of Psalm 35 as ‘Dangerous Prayer’ in Mountain of Fire and Miracle (MFM) Church
Ugwueye, L. E. & Uzuegbunam, E. N. (14-33)

3.Theological Education and Character Formation in Nigerian Christianity: A Reflection
Nmah, P. E. (34-46)

4. Employing the Mass Media for the Promotion of Human Rights in Nigeria
Asemah, E. S., Edegoh, L. O. & Ogwo, C. (47-60)

5.Traditional Settlement of Dispute amongst Ikwerre Ethnic Nationality in Rivers State, Nigeria: An Appraisal
Ogoloma, F. I. (61-72)

6. Traditional Values, Beliefs and Reliance on Indigenous Resources for Crime Control in Modern Southwest Nigeria
Owumi, B. & Ajayi, J. O. (73-94)

7. Taboos and the Maintenance of Social Order in the Old Ondo Province, South-western Nigeria
Afe, A. E. (95-109)

8.Theory and Practice in Philosophy and Education: A Conceptual Clarification
Ayeni, J. O. & Ayeni, M. A. (110-122)

9.Towards Food Security and Youth Participation in Community Development in Cross River and Akwa Ibom States: Implications for Counselling
Adadu, P. M. A., Modo, F. N. & Madu, V. N. (123-135)

10. Determinant of Adoption Pattern of New Product/Services in Hotel Industry in Awka, Nigeria
Ezeh, P. C. & Ezeoke, A. N. (136-154)

11.Appraisal of Strategic Alliances and Corporate Effectiveness
Ekpudu, J. E., Aigbepue, S. & Olabisi J. O. (155-164)

12.Arab Spring: The Genesis, Effects and Lessons for the Economies of the Third World
Osai, O. J. (165-188)

13.An Analysis of the Operational Environments of Manufacturing Firms in Aba, South-East, Nigeria
Onuoha, B. C. (189-208)

14.Effect of Cooperative on the Savings Behaviour of Members in Oyi Local Government Area, Anambra State, Nigeria
Nwankwo, F., Ewuim, N. & Asoanya, N. P. (209-227)

15. Empirical Analysis of Fiscal Policy Shocks and Current Account Dynamics in Nigeria
Oseni, I. O. & Onakoya, A. B. (228-251)

16. Evaluating Managerial Skills for Business Education in a Technological Age
Usoro, E. B., Okon, F. I., Usoro, D. D. & Akpan, E. O. (252-260)

17.Urban Traffic Dilemma and Potential Remedy: Example from Ilorin City, Nigeria
Ahmed, Y.A. (261-270)

18. Dislodging the “University of Nkwo Nnewi” through Open and Distance Learning
Iwuchukwu, O. F. (271-284)

19. Teachers’ Experience and Students’ Numerical Proficiency in Solving Physics Problems in Secondary Schools
Apata, F. S. (285-297)

20.The Importance of Environmental Education to Secondary Education Level in Akure South Local Government, Area, Ondo State
Obasoro, C. B., Oyinloye, O. A., Ilesanmi, A. A. & Adams, A.B. (298-306)

21.Challenges of Youth Unemployment in Nigeria: Effective Career Guidance as a Panacea
Ajufo, B. I. (307-321)

22.Sexual Education: An Intervention and Social Adjustment Programme for Youths in Secondary Education in Nigeria
Obiekea, P. O., Ovri, F. B. & Chukwuma, E. T. C. (322-339)

23.The Challenges and Prospects of Managing Private School System in Rivers State
Agi, U. K. (340-351)

24.An Evaluation of Stakeholders and Teachers’ Perception of Corporate Social and Environmental Disclosure Practice in Nigeria
Uwuigbe, U. & Olusanmi, O. (352-365)

25. An Assessment of Performance of Industrial Development Centres (IDCs) in Nigeria
Adejumo, D. G. (366-391)

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