AFRREV LALIGENS Vol 2 (2), May, 2013


1. Social Media and Perpetuation of Violence against Women in Nigeria: The Case of Facing Death on Facebook
Nwammuo, A. N. (1-10)

2. Women’s Bodies, Battle Ground and Commodities: Violence against Women in Niger Delta, Nigeria
Ola, T. M. (11-19)

3. Balancing Acts for African Women Development: Challenges of Women Academics in Africa, the Case of Nigeria
Akinjobi, A. (20-45)

4. Women and the Leadership Paradigm: Bridging the Workplace Gender-Gap in Nigeria
Longe, O. J. (46-61)

5. An Assessment of the Mass Media as Tools for Promoting Girl-Child Education in Jos Metropolis
Asemah, E. S. Edegoh, L. O. & Olumuji, E. (62-86)

6. Rationalisation and Intertextuality: An Analysis of the Language of Men’s Reactions to Gender Equality in Zulu Sofola’s The Sweet Trap
Ugwu, E. N. & Kpolugbo, S. N. (87-96)

7. Gender Equity and Sustainable Development in Nigeria: The Philosophical Perspective
Badey, P. B. (97-103)

8. Gender Response in Fine Arts Subject at the Junior Secondary Level Using the Keller’s ARCS Motivational Model
Enenajor, M. E. (104-117)

9. Teachers’ Perception of Factors Influencing Internet Use in English Language Classroom in Nigeria
Fakeye, D. O. & Ashaolu, E. (118-136)

10. Verbal Politeness in Chinua Achebe’s Things Fall Apart
Arua, I. E. (137-156)

11. Poetry for Social Consciousness, Criticism and Change: A Study of Selected Poems of Ezenwa-Ohaeto
Ifejirika, E. E. (157-172)

12. Phonological Interference in the Spoken English Performance of the Izon Speaker in Nigeria: A Product of Systemic and Interlanguage Factors
Apeli, C. U. & Ugwu, E. N. (173-189)

13. Plea Bargaining: A Recreation of George Orwell’s Animal Farm in Nigeria
Iwuchukwu, O. (190-202)

14. Hubris, Physis and Eironeia in Ola Rotimi’s Ovonramwen Nogbaisi
Alumona, V. S. (203-217)