AFRREV IJAH VOL. 2 (2), MAY, 2013

1. The Boko Haram Insurgence in Nigeria and the Threat to National Security
Ajayi, J. O. (1-20)

2. Imperatives of Socio-Religious Measures in Solving the Crisis in Nigeria
Sulaiman, K. O., Ojo, M. Y. (21-38)

3. Ibani (Niger Delta) Traditional Religion and Social Morality
Jaja, M. J. (39-54)

4. Contemporary Socio-Economic Challenges and Youths Vocational Development: Implication for Nigeria’s Development
Akpan, E. O. (55-72)

5. Deepening Representative Democracy through Fiscal Decentralisation: Is Ghana Ready for Composite Budgeting?
Okrah, M. & Boamah, N. A. (73-90)

6. The Modern Igbo Man and Quest for Freedom
Ogugua, P. I. & Oduah, I. C. (91-107)

7. Cross-Currents and Transmigration of Motifs of Yoruba Art
Kalilu, R. O. R. & Areo, M. O. (108-129)

8. Trends in Public and Private Support for Privately-Owned Cultural Institutions in Nigeria-The Example of the International Centre for the Arts, Lagos
Umukoro, Joseph O. (130-148)

9. Funding of Vocational and Technical Education in Nigeria in Times of Global Economic Recession
Offiong, A. A., Akpan, G.A. & Usoro, H. S. (149-158)

10. Parental Involvement and Teachers’ Leadership Roles that Influence Students’ Cheating Behaviour in Senior Secondary Schools
Adebile, Ruth Foluke & Omoluwa, O. (159-168)

11. The Influence of School-type and School category on Parental Support in Public Secondary Schools in Nyahururu and Laikipia West Districts, Kenya
Kiumi, J. K., Wanyoike, S. N. & Kibe, S. M. (169-186)

12. Symbolic and Ironic Dimensions of The Return of Ameze by F.N. Ogoanah
Ikediugwu, O. A. & Ugwu, E. N. (187-202)

13. The English Language as a Panacea for National Integration, Security and Development in Nigeria
Ifejirika, E. (203-222)

14. Assessment of Nigerian Journalists’ Attitude towards the Use of New Media Forms in Journalism Practice
Nwammuo, A. N. & Ekwugha, U. (223-235)

15. Social Media: An Emerging Conundrum?
Alemoh, T. A. & Ishima, L. (236-253)

16.The Tradition of Marketing Nigerian Politicians through Visual Media
Elebute, Ayo (255-269)

17.Poor Succession Planning by Entrepreneurs: The Bane of Generational Enterprises in South-East, Nigeria
Onuoha, B. C. (270-281)

18.Fiscal Policy as an Engine of Economic Growth in Nigeria
Zhattau, V. S. (282-298)

19.Corporate Financial Reporting of Marketable Securities in Nigeria
Oghoghomeh, T. (299-315)

20. Environmental Dynamics, Organizational Adaptation, and Business Effectiveness in Nigeria
Nwaeke, I. Lawrence (316-338)

21. Revenue Recognition Challenges and Financial Statement Reporting
Emengini, S. E. (339-348)

22.The Burden of Public-Private Partnership in Nigeria: Sharing, Shifting or Shirking?
Longdu’ut, D. Thaddeaus (349-363)

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