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2. The Role of Literature Education in Curbing Violence: A focus on John Pepper Clark’s “The Casualties”
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7. Implementation Issues in Rural Development in Sub-Saharan African Countries: Problems and Prospects
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8. The Dilemma of Local Government at Work in Nigeria
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9. Mechanism of Economic Empowerment and Development in Nigeria: A Discourse
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10. Between Convention and Realism: the Nigerian People’s Definition of Democracy
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11. Developing a Refractory Body, for Kiln Building in Nigeria
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12. Introduction of Inflation Linked Bond in Nigeria: Prospects and Challenges
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13. Information and Communication Technology Use in Education: Emphasis on the Impact of Asynchronous Media
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14. Determinants of Perceived Students’ Academic Performance in Vocational Education in Tertiary Institutions in Lagos State
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17. Contractor Selection for Enhancing the Quality of University Education in Nigeria using the Hamming Distance
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18. Effective Assessment Framework: Sustainability of Post Amnesty Program in Niger Delta Region for National Development
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20. Vocational Education and Economic Development In Nigeria
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21. You Are “Dead” Without Your Language: Allaying the Fears That the Igbo Language Will Go into Extinction.
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22. Confronting the Challenges Facing the Nigerian Nation State: Using Sports as Agent of Unification
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