LALIGENS Vol 4 (1) February, 2015


1. A Metafunction Analysis of Selected Public Service Advertisements of Ten Federal Agencies in Nigeria
Ayoola, M. O. (1-22)

2. Religion in Nigerian President Olusegun Obasanjo’s Political Discourses
Emeka-Nwobia, N. U. (23-33)

3. Etudes Comparatives Des Termes Anglais Et Français Relatifs Au Jeu De Football (En Français Et En Anglais)
Asadu, F. O. (34-45)

4. Approche Méthodologique de la Traduction d’un Texte Spécialisé Anglais Vers la Langue Igbo du Nigeria
Okeogu, C. I. (46-64)

5. Linguistic Insights: The Role in the Teaching/Learning of English in Nigeria
Tamunobelema, I. (65-73)

6. Advocating Orchestration amongst RSUST Freshmen
Ngulube, I. E. (74-87)

7. Language, Gender and War Situation: “Her/story” in Nwapa’s and Adichie’s Stories, the Complement of “His/tory”
Obi, E. I. & Okunrobo, B. D. (88-101)

8. Racial Identity and Modern Day Slavery in August Wilson’s Gem of the Ocean, Joe Turner’s Come and Gone, and Ma Rainey’s Black Bottom
Otu, O. O. & Udumukwu, O. (102-118)

9. The City as Trope: Snapshots of the Urban Experience in Alex La Guma’s A Walk In The Night
Igbifa, E. E. (119-127)

10. Radical Theatre in Contemporary Nigeria: A Review of the Contributions of Saint Gbilekaa
Asen, M. A. (128-136)

11. What Is Postcolonial Intellection to Us: A White Scarecrow in the Field?
Gomba, O. (137-150)

12. Teachers’ Assessment Patterns and their Effect on Senior Secondary Students’ Achievement and Retention in English Grammar
Ebibi, J. O., Akubo, E. A., Afekereta, B. A. & Bako, V. N. (151-162)

13. The Views of Women of Press Coverage of Rape Cases in Nigeria: Misrepresentation or Under-representation?
Nwammuo, A. N. (163-182)