1. The Leadership Role of a Musicologist in the 21st Century Africa
Nwobu, S. N. (1-12)

2. The Thesis and Synthesis of Production Philosophy in the African Literary Theatre Directing
Adeoye, A. A. (13-23)

3. Poverty and Cultism in Our Contemporary Society: Implications for Nigerian Students
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4. Leadership, Corruption and Governance in Nigeria: Issues and Categorical Imperatives
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5. Fifteen Years of Democracy, 1999-2014: Reflections on Nigeria’s Quest for National Integration
Egbefo, O. D. (59-77)

6. Role Reversal Protest in Nigeria: Soldiers still the Boss? A Behaviouralist Inquiry into the Incessant Soldiers-Police Violent Conflicts in Lagos
Eesuola, O. S. (78-90)

7. Resurgent Military Political Adventurism in West Africa: Implications for the Survival of Democracy
Ajayi, A. I. & Olu-Adeyemi, ‘L. (91-103)

8. Corporate Governance in the Nigerian Banking Industry: Issues and Challenges
Garuba, A. O. & Otomewo, G. O. T. (104-117)

9. The Failure of Lehman Brothers and Merril Lynch: A Lesson for the Nigerian Banking Industry
Achugbu A. A. & Andabai, P. W. (118-125)

10. Islamic Banking in Nigeria: Perception of its Relative Advantage by Consumer Segments in Anambra State
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11. Correlates of Strategic Management and Corporate Survival of Consumer Goods Manufacturing Firms
Needorn, Richard & Nwaeke, Lawrence I. (144-155)

12. Impact of Mergers and Acquisitions on the Performance of Manufacturing Firms in Nigeria
Anyanwu, S. A. C. & Agwor, T. C. (156-165)

13. The Effectiveness of Capital Budgeting Techniques in Evaluating Projects’ Profitability
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14. Effective Management of Human Resources for Business and Church Growth
Jaja, S. A. & Arugu, L. O. (189-196)