1. Unnoticed Ways in which Migration Reinforces Underdevelopment
Abumere, F. A. (1-12)

2. A Political Analysis of the August 9, 2014 Gubernatorial Election in Osun State, South West Nigeria
Egwemi, V. (13-25)

3. The Effects of Boko Haram’s Insecurity on Nigeria’s Economy
Njoku, J. U. & Nwachukwu, J. (26-41)

4. Women Historiography: A Tool for Global Peace
Dike, E. O. (42-54)

5. The Metamorphosis of Bourgeoisie Politics in a Modern Nigerian Capitalist State
Uji, W. T. & Uhembe, A. C. (55-63)

6. The Nature of Philosophy of History
Eresia-Eke, A. (64-76)

7. The Relationship between Philosophy and Culture
Agbanusi, A. (77-85)

8. Orphan Tongues and the Economics of Language Shift in Nigeria: An Entremesa Discourse
Onyema, C. C. (86-103)

9. Book Review: Elisabeth O. Selkirk, The syntax of words
Udeze, A. N. & Ngulube, I. E. (104-122)

10. A Fictional X-ray of the Contemporary Society: a Study of Akachi Adimora-Ezeigbo’s Trafficked
Nnyagu, U. E. & Adunchezor, N. (123-133)

11. Mono Drama: Categorization and Theoretical Scaffolds in the Universe of Africa
Binebai, B. (134-145)

12. The Linguistic Culture of African Union: Implications to Regional Unity, Identity and Development
Udemmadu, T. & Ogwudile, C. (146-157)

13. Prostitution as Resistance to Human and Societal Brutalities
Udogu, C. O. (158-167)

14. The Reign of Evil in Ben Okri’s The Famished Road
Ikechi, E. (168-175)

15. L’excision et conséquences: Une lecture womaniste de Tu t’Appelleras Tanga de Calixthe Beyala
Muotoo, C. H. & Balogun, L.I. (176-184)

16. La Scientificite En Langues Africaines : L’exemple Du Kalabari Et De L’ikwerre
Iyalla-Amadi, P. & Odungweru, U. S. (185-199)

17. The Place of Igbo Folk Songs in Peace Building and Sustainable Rural Development
Okpala, N. H. (200-207)

18. African Culture and Communication Systems in the Coronation of Ata Igala, North- Central Nigeria
Ottah, G. A. (208-228)

19. NIGER DELTA FOTOTALES…… A View of the Niger Delta through the Lens
Graves, P. N. (229-249)

20. The Creation and Uses of Letters and Forms in Graphic Illustration
Bardi, A. (250-256)

21. Competencies Required of Secretaries to Manage Records Life Cycle in Government Offices in Anambra State, Nigeria
Ile, C. M. & Oguejiofor, C. S. (257-263)

22. The Underserved Communities: Overview of Information Services in the Riverrine Areas of Anambra State, Nigeria
Osuchukwu, N. P. & Nebolise, L. N. (264-279)

23. Effectiveness of Counselling in the adjustment of Delinquent Students in Secondary Schools in Anambra State
Egenti, U. P. (280-290)

24. Critical Discourse Analysis of Obasanjo’s Letter ‘Before Is Too Late’ to Jonathan
Ekhareafo, O. D. & Ambrose, C. L. (291-298)

25. Sexual Violence Infrastructures (SVIs): Hotels and Cyberspace as Enablers of Sexual Crimes in Nigeria
Okorie, Mitterand M. (299-311)