AFRREV Vol 10 (1) JANUARY 2016

1. Practices and Challenges in the Provision of Pre-Primary Education in Tanzania
Mghasse, N. E. & William, F. (1-16)

2. Children and Modern Day Slavery
Okpalaobi, B. N. (17-25)

3. The Never Ending Fight; Court Ordered Parenting Plan
Anyogu, F. & Okpalaobi, B. N. (26-33)

4. Kant’s ‘Transcendental Exposition’ of Space and Time in the ‘Transcendental Aesthetic’: A Critique
Minimah, F. I. (34-45)

5. The Significance of Blood Sacrifice in the Old Testament
Allison, C. S. (46-60)

6. Analysis towards Effective Policing in Nigeria
Oyemwinmina, C. & Aibieyi, S. (61-72)

7. An Appraisal of Mass Media Role in Consolidating Democracy in Nigeria
Santas, T. & Ogoshi, J. D. (73-86)

8. Traditional Music in Igbo Culture: A Case Study of Idu Cultural Dance of Akpo in Aguata Local Government Area of Anambra State
Okpala, N. H. (87-103)

9. European Influence in Ijo-Itsekiri Relations in Nigeria
Erezene, H. B. (104-115)

10. Reciprocity in International Affairs: An Analysis of Nigeria/South Africa “Yellow Fever” Diplomatic Face-Off, March, 2012
Egwemi, V. & Ochim, F. I. (116-133)

11. Eclipse of the Sun: The Political Economy of Food Dependency in Nigeria
Okosun, A. V., Akongbowa, A. B. & Aihie-Ezomo, J. (134-144)

12. Africa and the Principles and Theories of International Relations: Problems of Analyses
Salami, A. T. (145-165)

13. Impact of Global Financial Crisis on Nigerian Stock Market
Onuoha, T. E., & Nwaiwu, J. N. (166-177)

14. Assets Impairment Testing: An Analysis of IAS 36
Oghoghomeh, T. & Akani, F. N. (178-192)

15. Management of Internally Displaced Persons in Africa: Comparing Nigeria and Cameroon
Eweka, O. & Olusegun, T. O. (193-210)

16. Industrial Design: Applied Arts Component as a Factor in Design and Technology
Obasuyi, O-F. E. (211-224)

17. Examination of Ife Bronze Casting Culture and Its Decline in Maintenance Practice in Contemporary Society
Awogbade, M. O. (225-233)

18. A Society Under Siege: A Study of Ben Okri’s Songs of Enchantment and Infinite Riches
Ikechi, E. (234-242)

19. Les Problèmes Linguistiques, Culturels et Sociolinguistiques De La Traduction Du Film “Winning Your Love” Par Ossy Affason
Asadu, O. F. (243-256)

20. Correlates of Bio-Psychosocial Factors on Perceived Body Image amongst Adolescents: Implications for Preventive Health Education
Asagba, R. B., Agberotimi, S. Femi & Alli, T. (257-267)