IJAH Vol 5(2) APRIL, 2016

1. Street Level Bureaucracy and the Dilemmas of Private Entities in Public Spaces: Case of GPRTU
Boahen, P. A. N. (1-6)

2. The Role of Traditional Institution in Managing Ife-Modakeke Conflict
Elugbaju A.S. (7-19)
3. Kidnapping for Ransom in Nigeria: Implications and Quest for a Permanent Solution
Emanemua, A. B. & Akinlosotu, T. N. (20-28)

4. Forced Migration: The Displacement of TIV People of Central Nigeria in Contemporary Times
Uji, W. T. (29-38)

5. Colonialism and the Underdevelopment of Abuja Area of Nigeria
Unumen, J. O. (39-51)

6. Challenges of Nigeria’s Foreign Policy
Enuka, C. & Ojukwu, E. C. 52-66

7.A Critical Review of Concepts in Liberation Theology: A Recipe for Nation Building
Allison, C. S. 67-81

8. Socio-Ethical Implication of Contraception and Abortion: A Rising Paradigm of John Paul II’s Culture of Death
Onyiloha, C. A. & Iheanacho, N. N. (82-95)

9.How Then Can the Nature of These Things Called “Mental States” Be Accounted for?
Oyelakin, R. T. (96-110)

10. Textile Designs and Fashion as Strategic Resource Tools for Economic Development in Nigeria
Onwuakpa L. E. (111-119)

11.The Reupholster of Stained Glass Designs and “The Deceptive Silence of Stolen Voices”
Graves, P. N. (120-135)

12. Exploring Pop Music in Nigeria for Sustainable Youth Empowerment and Development: Uniport R’tune Music Show in Perspective
Sunday-Kanu, R. A. (136-154)

13.The [African] Novelist and the nation: A Postcolonial reading of Chukwuemeka Ike’s Our Children Are Coming
Anyanwu, P. N. (155-169)

14. Language, Colonial Attitude and War in Emecheta’s Destination Biafra: A Stylistic Critical Approach
Igbokwe, I. C. & Udumukwu, O. (170-180)

15.Third-Wave Feminist Linguistics: A Discursive Approach to Female Specific Interests in Maya Angelou’s Gather Together in My Name
Ghevolor, A. J. & Ekpe, S. (181-189)

16.Derivations in Ọni̩cha Igbo
Onumajuru, V. C. 190-215

17. Testing as an Inevitable Instrument in Today’s Language Learning Environment
Tamunobelema, I. (216-224)

18.A Contrastive Study of Two Varieties of Onicha and the Central Igbo Language
Onumajuru, V. C. (225-240)

19.Heart of the Masses: Thematic Trends in Popular Literature in South Africa and Nigeria
Okiche, I. (241-250)

20. The Widening Gap of Gender Inequality in Nigerian Politics: Advocating A Quota System Approach
Okorie, M. (251-260)

21. Assessment of The Impact of NUC Accreditation Exercise on Personnel in Business Education Programmes of Universities
Umeh, U. F. & Oguejiofor, C. S. (261-269)

22.Instruction in Text-Structure as A Determinant of Senior Secondary School Students’ Achievement in English Narrative Text in Ido Local Government Area, Oyo State
Fakeye, B. & Fakeye, D. O. (270-283)

23.Corruption in the Civil Service: The Dearth of Effective Service Delivery
Eke, G. F. (284-294)

24. Effects of Cooperative and Problem-Solving Learning Strategies on Students’ Achievement in Senior Secondary School History in Oyo State, Nigeria
Junaid, I. O. (295-311)