AFRREV Vol 10 (3) JUNE, 2016


1. Current Status of Agricultural Extension Services for Market Oriented Agricultural Development in Ethiopia: Results from A Household Baseline Survey
Lemma, M., Gebrmedhin, B., Hoekstra, D. & Bogale, A. (1-20)

2. Agricultural Experiences as Correlates of Secondary School Students’ Achievement and Career Decisions in Agricultural Science
Ige, T. A., Busari, L. A. & Ojo, A. T. (21-38)

3. The Use of Logotherapeutic Techniques in the Identification and Intervention Stages of Treatment with Persons with Substance Use Disorder
Asagba, R. B., Marshall, M. (39-54)

4. Evidence Based Therapeutic Outcome of Multimodal Therapy on Sexual Decisions of Students in River State Remedial Study Centre
Ofole, N. M. (55-71)

5. Analyzing Infant and Child (Under-five) Mortality in Zaria: A Regression Analysis Approach
Akinwande, M. O., Ibrahim, A. & Ibrahim, A. A. (72-95)

6. The Influence of Age and Educational Qualification on Stakeholders Perception of Integrating Mobile Technology into Basic Education in Nigeria
Adedoja, G. (96-110)

7. Health and Economic Growth in South East, Nigeria
Umezinwa, C. (111-123)

8. The Status of Basic Technology in Cross River State Junior Secondary Schools, Nigeria
Okenjom, G. P., Ogar, C., Eje, A. L. & Abidde, E. F. (124-131)

9. Analysis of the Factors Influencing the Private Cost of Teacher Education in South-South Nigeria
Enaigbe, P. A. & Olubor, R. O. (132-143)

10. The “Eboliticization” of Discourse: Online Legitimations on the Outbreak of Ebola Virus Disease (EVD) in West Africa
Kamalu, I. (144-169)

11. Masculinity and Female-bodied Persons in Ayi Kwei Armah’s Two Thousand Seasons and Ousmane Sembène’s Les Bouts de Bois de Dieu
Iboroma, I. E. (170-182)

12. Oil Politics and its Social Implications in the Niger Delta: A Study of Obari Gomba’s Pearls of the Mangrove
Dick, T. O. (183-191)

13. The Impact of Monetary Policy on the Economic Growth of Nigeria
Nwoko, N. M., Ihemeje, J.C., & Anumadu, E. (192-206)

14. The Succession Dispute to the Throne of Lagos and the British Conquest and Occupation of Lagos
Adekoya, P. (207-226)

15. Country’s Image as Judged by International Indices: Case of Tanzania
Muya, F., Katopola, D., Otmar, B. & Mabina, B. (227-245)

16. Fiscal Federalism, Ethnic Minorities and the National Question in Nigeria: Revisiting the Case of the Niger Delta Peoples
Ayokhai, F. E. F. & Peter, N.W. (246-260)

17. The Perception of the Contributory Pension Scheme Administration by the Staff of University of Benin
Oyemwinmina, C. & Edomwonyi, J. (261-278)

18. The Implications of Legal Reform in the Nigeria Power Sector
Onyi-Ogelle, H. O. (279-289)

19. Predictors of WHATSAPP ‘Consumption’ among Undergraduate Students of Economics in Ambrose Alli University, Ekpoma
Akinlosotu, T. N. (290-301)

20. African Communalism and Globalization
Etta, E. E., Esowe, D. D. & Asukwo, O.O. (302-316)

21. Major Development Communication Paradigms and Practices: Implications for Graphic Communication
Ebigbagha, Z. S. (317-337)