1. Sallust’s Account of Corruption and Its Western Accomplices
Adekannbi, G. O. (1-16)

2. Problems in Locke’s Theory of Knowledge
Minimah, F. I. (17-29)

3. Martin Heidegger on Temporality: Its Moral Implication on Society
Alawa, P. (30-38)

4. The Prevalence of HIV/AIDS Epidemic in Anambra State, Nigeria: Exploring Gender, Cultural and Socio-Religious Perspectives
Anwuluorah, O. P. (39-53)

5. Women in Ministry (Luke 24: 22-23): Where are they in Nigeria Ecclesia?
Mbonu, Caroline N. (54-65)

6. A Professional Encounter with the Manufacturing China
Orisaremi, A. S. (66-73)

I.7. La mémoire au Service de la Résistance Culturelle: L’exil Selon Julia de Gisèle Pineau
Okolo, C. J. & Ali, M. I. (74-84)

8. The Impact of Language Development and Global Peace Initiative in the 21st Century: The Linguistic Perspective
Ugoji, S. C. (85-97)

9. African Primodial Society in Armah and Kourouma’s Historical Novels: The Binary Polemics of Yes and No to Retours Aux Sources
Njoku, A. (98-110)

10. The Impact of Globalization on the African Culture in Helon Habila’s Measuring Time
Idakwo, O. V., Awogu-Maduagwu, E., & Abiodun-Eniayekan, E. (111-123)

11. The Use of Information and Communication Technologies (ICTS) in Foreign Language Teaching in Nigeria: Prospects and Challenges
Inyang, J. B. (124-134)

12. Effect of Teacher Variables on the Teaching of Initial Reading to Basics 1 and 2 Pupils in Imo State, Nigeria
Oyekanmi, J.O. & Obi, H. A. (135-145)

13. Dysfunctional Consequences of Conflict on Teachers’ Productivity: A Theoretical Insight
Alimba, N. C. (146-161)

14. Art, Symbol and Royalty: A Case Study of the Yoruba Speakers in Nigeria
Folabalogun, M. (162-175)

15. The Origin and Development of the Guild of Bronze Casters of Benin Kingdom up to 1914
Odiahi, E. V. (176-187)

16. Civil Society Organisations and Conflict Management: The Nigerian Experience
Irene, O. F. & Majekodunmi, S. (188-207)

17. A Legacy of Peaceful Coexistence: Historico-Political and Economic Perspectives of Nigeria-Benin Relations
Isyaku, S. S. (208-220)

18. Theories of Smallholder Agribusiness Entrepreneurship in the African Context: A Critical Review
Mudiwa, B. (221-236)