AFRREV VOL 11 (2) APRIL, 2017


1. Road crashes in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia: Empirical findings between the years 2010 and 2014
Abdi, T. A., Hailu, B. H., Adal, T. A., van Gelder, P. H. A. J. M., Hagenzieker, M. P. & Claus-Christian, C. (1-13)

2.Perspectives on Illegal Routes in Nigeria
Okunade, S. K. (14-24)

3. Infrastructure for Peace: The African Experience
Irene, O. F. & Majekodunmi, S. A. (25-41)

4. The Niger Delta Avengers, Autonomous Ethnic Clans and Common Claim over Oil Wells: The Paradox of Resource Control
Niworu, S. M. (42-55)

5. The GbagyiBayekpe (Education) and Imperialism in Minna, 1928 – 1960
Idris, A. Z. & Umar, A. B. (56-66

6. The Politics of Neglect in the Resettled Communities of Borgu: A Recipe for Armed Struggle
Niworu, S. M. (67-82)

7. Ikwerre Intergroup Relations and its Impact on Their Culture
Chinda, C. I. (83-98)

8. Altruism, Its Relevance for the Individual in the Contemporary Society: A Philosophical Perspective
Alawa, P. Z. (99-107)

9. Assessment of the Institutional Regulatory Framework of Auditor Independence in Nigeria
Salawu, M. K. (108-120)

10. Macroeconomy and Banks’ Profitability in Nigeria
Chidozie, U. E. & Ayadi, F. S. (121-137)

11. ARDL Approach to Trade Libralisation and Economic Growth in the Developing Country: Evidence from Nigeria
Iheanacho, E. (138-159)

12. An Examination of the Relationship between Financial Development and Economic Growth in Nigeria: Application of Multivariate Var Framework
Ndubuisi, P. (160-177)

13. Human Capital Development as a Strategy for Sustainable Development in the Nigerian Education System
Njoku, J. U. & Onyegbula, J. C. (178-189)

14. Formal Land Titling vs. Small and Medium Enterprises’ (SMEs’) Access to Credit: The South-Western Nigerian Experience
Ige, V. O., Mbazor, D. N., & Akinlabi, A. J. (190-200)

15. Science Teachers' Perception of ICT Capacity Building Workshop in Akwa Ibom State Secondary Schools, Nigeria
Etiubon, R. U. & Akpan, A. O. (201-215)

16. Influence of Peer Victimization on School Attendance among Senior Secondary School Students in Uromi Metropolis
Ojugo, A. I. & Ojeli, A. L. (216-222)

17. Information Need and Seeking Behavior of Diploma Students of Federal College of Agricultural Produce Technology, Kano
Stores, F. S. (223-236)

18. The Impact of Microteaching in Developing Teaching Skills among Pre-Service Teachers in Alvan Ikoku College of Education Owerri, Nigeria
Onwuagboke, B. B. C., Osuala, R. C. & Nzeako, R. C. (237-250)

19. School Related factors as Predictors of Internal Efficiency of Public University Students in South-West, Nigeria
Ileuma, S. (251-261)

20. The Role of Entrepreneurial Competencies in Promoting Entrepreneurship in Nigeria: A Study of Practicing Entrepreneurs in Anambra State, Nigeria
Onwuchekwa, F. C., Ejike, D. C., Mgbemena, G. C. (262-282)

21. Determinants of Maternal Healthcare Utilization in Nigeria
Ovikuomagbe, O. (283-294)