IJAH VOL 7 (2), APRIL 2018


1. Validity Issues in the Application of Selected Qualitative Social Research Methods
Boateng, W.1-7

2. Political Systems and Underdevelopment in Africa (1957-2010)
Utin, I. B. 8-15

3.Textile Industry in Nupeland
Salahu, M. L. & Ilyasu, Y. A. 16-22

4. Gregory Pence on Human Cloning: An Ethical Evaluation
Ogan, T. V. & Ariche, C. K. 23-30

5. Multimedia and the Creation of the Scenographic Space in the Stage Realization of Emmanuel Emmasealu’s Nerves
Eni, K. E. 31-39

6. The Representation of the African Woman in Male-Dominated Society: A Study of Chinua Achebe’s Things Fall Apart and Amma Darko’s Beyond the Horizon
Gbaguidi, C. 40-48

7. Nigerian Pidgin(NP) for Peace, Unity and Sustainable Development in Nigeria
Ezekwe, A. C. 49-53

8. Repenser la sorcellerie dans les romans antillais: Une étude sociocritique de Moi, Tituba Sorcière. . . Noire de Salem de Maryse Condé, Chair Piment de Gisèle Pineau et Hadriana dans tous mes rêves de René Depestre
Obidiegwu, V. N. & Ugwu, E. N. 54-61

9. Arts And Crafts in Schools as Basic Instruments for Technological Development of the Nation
Okeke, Josiah 62-68

10. The Woodcarving Genre of Lamidi Olonade Fakeye: A Synthesis of Multiple Artworlds
Edewor, U. N. O. 69-83

11. Rethinking Food Production in West Africa: The Prehistorical Perspective
Okoroafor, S.I. 84-93

12. The Effects of Globalization on African Economic Development: The Nigerian Experience
Letswa, A. M., Raji, S. A., Edita, M. N. 94-104

13. Local Institutions and Adaptive Capacity of Rural Households in the Niger Delta
Jack, J. T.C.B & Eke, P.