AFRREV VOL 12 (2) APRIL, 2018

1. One Rule for the Goose; One for the Gander? The Use of Plea Bargaining for High Profile Corruption Cases in Nigeria
Aborisade, R. A. & Adeleke, O. A. 1-12

2. ‘E dibo, Ke Se Obe’: ‘Vote for Cash’ as an Emergent Paradigm of Electoral Corruption in Nigeria
Olu-Adeyemi, O. 13-22

3. Effect of Relationship Marketing on Customer Retention and Loyalty in the Money Deposit Bank Industry
Ogbechi, A. D., Okafor, L. I., & Orukotan, C. I. 23-34

4. Alvin Plantinga on the Problem of Evil: An Examination
Ogan, T. V. 35-45

5. Domination by Aggressive Behaviours among Students in Orumba North, Anambra State, Nigeria
Ofodile, M. C. & Ofole, N. M. 46-54

6. Gender Differentials in Sexual Initiation among Adolescents in Zambia
Thankian Kusanthan & Phillimon Ndubani 55-68

7. English in the Multilingual Nigeria: Implications on Users
Ezekwe, A. C. 69-78

8. The Myth of Men’s Supremacy in Flora Nwapa’s Women are Different
Gbaguidi, Célestin 79-86

9. Influence of Lecturers’ Classroom Questioning Effectiveness on University Students’ Achievement in Economics in South-West Nigeria
Olaniran, N., & Akorede, S. F. 87-100

10.Student-Teachers’ Experiences of Microteaching on an Economics Methods Course
Damalie, S. N. 101-108

11. Labelling: A Vehicle for Conveying and Fulfilling Self-Prophesy and Low Esteem amongst Post Primary Students in Metropolitan Benin, Nigeria
Obarisiagbon, E. I. & Akintoye, E. 109-116

12. Management of Turn Distribution in Academic Discourse among Undergraduate Science Students in a Nigerian Public University
Ibrahim, B., Abdullah, A.N., Kasim, Z. M., Rafik-Galea, S. 117-134

13. Psychometric Properties of the 21-item Depression Anxiety Stress Scale (DASS-21)
Coker, A. O., Coker, O. O. & Sanni, D. 135-142

14. Antimicrobial Cotton Textiles by Finishing with Extracts of an Ethiopian plant (Solanum Incanum) Fruit
Nalankilli, G. & Kalkidan Tadesse 143-152

15. Critical Outline of the Major Physical Features Used in Environmental Archaeology for the Reconstruction of Quaternary Climate
Okoroafor, S.I. 153-162