Current- Vol 5,No 6 (2011)

1.The Moral Imperative of Language and Communication in Culture and Society
Aghamelu, F. C. & Ani, E. I. (1-17)

2.Dictation as a Veritable Tool for Language Proficiency on Project Educational Reform in Nigeria
Ezenwosu, Ngozi E (18-25)

3.Analyzing Counsel/Witness Discourse in Nnewi, Anambra State, Nigeria
Anyadiegwu, J. C. (26-35)

4.Relative Effects of School Location, Class Levels and Gender on Reading Needs of Secondary School Students in Nigeria
Ofodu, G. O. (36-42)

5.Idealism to Realism- Representing London in Black British Writing: Reading Samuel Selvon’s The Lonely Londoners
Mgbeadichie, C. F. & Asika, I. E. (43-57)

7.Portrayal of Corruption as Narrative Technique in The Beautyful Ones Are Not Yet Born
Chukwueloka, C. C. (71-82)

8.Igbo Slang in Otu-Onitsha: Towards Enriching the Igbo Language
Nkamigbo, L. C. & Eme, C. A. (83-94)

9.The Anatomy of the Solemn in Ezenduka’s “Lee Nnukwu Ukochukwu”
Umezinwa, E. C. & Orajaka, E. (95-107)

10.Information Retrieval Methods in Libraries and Information Centres

Onwuchekwa, E. O. and Jegede, O. R. (108-120)

11.Has Rural Banking Developed Rural Nigeria?
Amadasu, D. E. (121-130)

12.Nigeria-Ghana Relations from 1960 to 2010: Roots of Convergence and Points of Departure
Otoghile, A. & Obakhedo, N. O. (131-145)

13.Trade Unions as Organisations: Key Issues and Problems of Internal Democracy in Nigeria
Okojie, J. O. (146-155)

14.Functionality of the Town Planning Authorities in Effecting Urban and Regional Planning Laws and Control in Nigeria.: The Case of Lagos State
Aluko, Ola (156-171)

15.Networks, Micro Small Enterprises (MSE’S) and Performance: the Case of Kenya
Abeka, E. O. (172-187)

16.An Empirical Investigation of Value-Chain Analysis and Competitive Advantage in the Nigerian Manufacturing Industry
Akenbor, C. O. & Okoye, E. I. (188-198)

17.An X-Ray of the Level of Electronic Purse Usage in Nigeria
Ogbuji, C. N., Izogo E. E. & Onuoha, A. O. (199-212)

18.The Role of Stock Market Development on Economic Growth in Nigeria: A Time Series Analysis
Alajekwu, U. B. & Achugbu, A. (213-230)

19.Using Multiple Regression Analysis in Modelling the Role of Hospitality Industry in Cross River State
Eja, E. I., Ajake, A. O., Otu, J. E. & Ndomah, B. N. (231-238)

20.Inter-Agency Cooperation in Combating Terrorism in Nigeria: Enhancing Existing Instruments and Frameworks in the Security Services
Ogbeide, U. E. (239-248)

21.The Effect of Inter-tribal Post Election Violence Conflict Trauma on Academic Performance among Secondary School Students in Mt. Elgon District, Kenya
Nasongo, B. M & Muola, J. M. (249-258)

22.“Team Pair Solo” Cooperative Learning and Personality Type as Determinants of Students’ Achievement and Attitude to Chemistry
Ogunleye, B. O. (259-276)

23.A Survey of the Status of School Physical Education in Public Primary Schools in Edo State
Aluko, K. (277-289)

24.A Relational Study of Male and Female Students’ Academic Achievement in Radio Communication for Sustainable Development
Umunadi, E. K. (290-303)

25.The Role of Age in Life Satisfaction Judgements among Educated Adults in Ado – Ekiti
Arogundade, O. B. & Adebayo, S. O. (304-313)

26.A Study of Secondary School Students’ Academic Performance at the Senior School Certificate Examinations and Implications for Educational Planning and Policy in Nigeria
Adepoju, T. L. & Oluchukwu, E. E. (314-333)

27.Scientific and Technological Skills Acquisition at the Primary School Level as a Strategy to Mitigating the Challenges of Vision 2020 in Nigeria
Nbina, J. B. (334-349)

28.An Appraisal of the Axiological Dimension of Sexual Relationships among Adolescents
Omatseye, B. O. & Obiweluozor, N. (350-360)

29.Biostratigraphical Analysis and Palaeoenvironmental Reconstruction of Cenomanian-Turonian Boundary in Côte d'Ivoire Onshore Sedimentary Basin, West Africa
Digbehi, Z. B., Ouffouet, K. B., Sombo, B. C. & Yao N’goran, J.P. (361-380)

30.Developing of a Computerized Brain Diagnosing System for Case Study Analyses at a University Teaching Hospital in Nigeria
Ogunsanwo O. D., Akinola, S. O. & Simolowo, O. E. (381-396)

31.Empirical Assessment of Agricultural Development in Manzini Region, Swaziland
Kongolo, M., Simelane, B. P. & Dlamini, D. K. (397-410)

32.Pre and Post-Emergence Damping-Off of Chrysophyllum albidum G. Don and C. delevoyi Dewild in Port Harcourt
Omokhua, G.E., Godwin-Egein, M.I. & Okereke, V.C. (411-421)

33.Effects of Seed Size on Germination and Early Morphorlogical and Physiological Characteristics of Gmelina Arborea, Roxb
Owoh, P. W., Offiong, M. O., Udofia, S. I & Ekanem, V. U. (422-433)