AFRREV IJAH:ISSN: 2225-8590 (Print) ISSN 2227-5452 (Online)

Vol. 1 (1) FEBRUARY, 2012
1.Oil Economy and the Revenue Allocation Debacle in Nigeria
Ebienfa, K. I. & Kumokou, Isaac 1-13

2. Implications of Risk Management Practices on Financial Performance of Sugar Manufacturing Firms in Kenya
Mugenda, N. G., Momanyi, G. & Naibei, K. I. 14-29

3. Ways of Curbing Frauds Associated with Electronic Payment
Adigwe, P. K. 30-39

4.Promoting Sustainable Tax Compliance in the Informal Sector in Nigeria
Okoye, Pius V.C., Akenbor, C. O. & Obara, L. C. 40-54

5. External Debts and Nigeria’s Economic Development
Akujuobi, L. E. 55-67

6. Public Sector Financial Records Management: A Panacea for Good Governance
Okafor, T. G. 67-78

7.The Impact of Human Resource Management Practices on Organizational Performance: A Study of Guinness Nigeria Plc
Osemeke, M. 79-94

8.Increasing Trends in the Consumption of Fast-Foods in Nigeria
Konwea, P. E. 95-109

9. The Implications of Hubert Hart’s Concept of Political Obligation for the Nigeria Public Service
Haaga, P. T. & Kanu, I. A. 110-122

10. The Colonial Legacy: the Hidden History of Africa’s Present Crisis
Kanu, I. A. 123-131

11. The Selection Process of a King in Oda
Ige, O.A. 132-147

12. Leadership Crisis in Nigeria
Ogoloma, F. 148-163

13. Cooking with one’s Firewood: Myth as a Conflict Generator and Conflict Resolver in Flora Nwapa’s Efuru and Idu
Asika, I. E. & Akabuike, I. 164-178

14. Contemporary African Relevance of the Genesis Creation Myth
Ugwueye, L. E., Uzuegbunam, E. N. & Umeanolue, I. L. 179-195

15. Framework on Curriculum Needs for Enhancing Basic Education in Primary Schools
Uduchukwu, A. N. 196-216

16. From Theory into Practice: Theatre-in-Education and Child Transformative Development
Obadiegwu, C. C. 217-226

17. In-cooperating E-Counselling in the Professional Development of Counselling Practice: Merits and Demerits
Uzoekwe, H. E., Obika, J. A. & Obineli, A. 227-238

18. Comparative Analysis of Principals’ Management Strategies in Public and Private Secondary Schools in Anambra State of Nigeria
Duze, C. O. 239-256

19.Pupil – Teacher Ratio: Implication for Quality Education in Nigeria Primary Schools
Ikediashi, N. N. & Amaechi, O. N. C. 257-264

20. Grass Root Sports: Conveyor Belt for Sports Development in Nigeria
Jeroh, E. J. 265-276

21.The Politics of Oil and the Niger Delta Regional Development Master Plan: Its Workability and the Option of Political Goodwill
Okumagba, P. O. & Okereica, O. P. 277-287

22. Seasonal Variation in Water Quality of Orle River Basin, South West, Nigeria
Ikhile, C. I. 288-303

23.An Evaluation of the Relevance and Enforceability of African Charter on Human and Peoples Rights in Nigeria
Okpalaobi, Beatrice N. 304-317

24. Radio Listening, Television Viewing and Comprehension Development in Senior Secondary School Students in Jos Metropolis
Gowon, R. P. 318-329

25.Igbo Proverbs and the Emergence of a Metaphysical Model of Music Analysis (M3)
Umezinwa, C. E. 330-342