Voume 5, Number 5

1. The Fulani Jihad and its Implication for National Integration and Development in Nigeria
Aremu, J. O. (1-12)

2. Ife Origin Influence in the History of Ijebu People of South-Western Nigeria
Ayinde, A. (13-24)

3.The Resource Control Debate: Enthroning Parasitism or Instituting Self-Determination
Ikeji, C. C. (25-35)

4.The Place of Bonny in Niger Delta History
Orji, K. E. (36-45)

5.The Economic Dimensions of The Niger Delta Ethnic Conflicts
Omojimite, B. U. (46-55)

6.Oil Exploration and Ethnic Militia activities in the Niger Delta Region of Nigeria
Okumagba, P. (56-67)

7.Environmental Law and Underdevelopment in the Niger Delta Region of Nigeria
Ogbonnaya, U. M. (68-82)

8.Significance of Kaduna River to Kaduna Refining and Petrochemicals Complex: Some Checks and Balances
Aderogba, K. A. (83-98)

9. Curbing Electoral Violence in Nigeria: The Imperative of Political Education
Obakhedo, N. O. (99-110)

10. Corporate Governance: Insider Information, the Bane of Financial Melt-Down?
Amadasu, D. E. (111-121)

11. Developing Archetypal Machines For A Sequence of Food-Slurry Processing Operations: An Overview
Simolowo O. E (122-136)

12. The Relationship between Motivation and the Job Satisfaction of Managers in the Retail Business in Nigerian
Oparanma, A. O. (137-151)

13.Determinants of Residential Property Value in Nigeria – A Neural Network Approach
Igbinosa,S. O. (152-168)

14. Development Control in Lagos State: an Assessment of Public Compliance to Space Standards for Urban Development
Aluko, O. (169-184)

15.Effectiveness of After-care-services in the Reintegration and Supply of Labour after Incarceration in the Prisons: Lagos and Oyo States Prison Command Experience
Ajala E.M. & Oguntuase, A.E. (185-198)

16. Gender Disparity in Criminal Behaviour in Ado-Ekiti, Ekiti State, Nigeria
Oluwadare C. T. & Agboola, A. E. (199-211)

17.Landscape Composition: Using Geometric Shapes From the Straw Medium
Enenajor, M. E. (212-222)

18.Effect of Rainfall Variability on Water Supply in Ikeduru L.G.A. of Imo State, Nigeria
Onyenechere, E. C., Azuwike, D. O. & Enwereuzor, A. I. (223-241)

19. The Cybernetic Metaphor in Organisation Theory: Epistemological Implications
Okojie, J. O (242-250)

20.Soil Management Methods under Rice Cultivation in Ndokwa Grassland Soils of Delta State, Nigeria
Efe, S. I. & Ugboma, P. P. (251-263)

21.Prevalence of Malaria among Children 1 – 10 Years Old in Communities in Awka North Local Government Area, Anambra State South East Nigeria
Nwaorgu O. C. & Orajaka B. N. (264-281)

22.Medicinal and Socio-Cultural Importance of Costus Afer (Ker Grawl) in Nigeria
Omokhua, G.E., Godwin-Egein, M. I & Okereke, V. C (282-287)

23.Psychosocial Adjustment Needs of Menopausal Women
Dimkpa, D. I. (288-302)

24.Evaluation of Value System and Its Effects on Nigeria Education: A Philosophical Approach
Osaat, S. D. & Omordu, C. (303-314)

25. Availability and Use of ICT in South-Western Nigeria Colleges of Education
Tella, A. (315-331)

26.The Effect of Academic Advising on Academic Performance of University Students in Kenyan Universities
Muola, J. M., Maithya, R. & Mwinzi, A. M. (332-345)

27.Enhancing Children’s Development through Play: a Task that Must Be Achieved in Early Childhood Education
Uduchukwu, A. N. (346-356)

28.Perceived and Actual Learning Difficulties of Students in Secondary School Mathematics
Udousoro, U. J. (357-366)

29.Work Environment and Productivity among Primary School Teachers in Nigeria
Nakpodia, E. D. (367-381)

30.Emotional Intelligence and Leadership Success of Secondary School Principals in Rivers State, Nigeria
Ekeh, P. U. & Oladayo, O. T. (382-393)

31.A Conceptual Analysis of School Sports Development In Nigeria
Aluko, K. & Adodo, S. M. (394 403)

32.Secondary School Students Preferences for Instructional Strategies for Sex Education
Momodu, A. O. (404-411)

33.A Survey of Teachers’ and Students’ Perception of Sexual Harassment in Tertiary Institutions of Edo State, Nigeria
Imonikhe, J., Idogho, P. & Aluede, O. (412-423)

34.The Challenges of Teaching and Learning Sociology of Religion in Nigeria
Uche, O. O. C. (424-440)

35.Beyond the Moral Panic: The Good Governance Option to Youth Socio-Economic Empowerment in Nigeria
Abe, Toyin (441-456)