Volume 5, Number 4

1.Belief Control Practices and Organizational Performances: A Survey of Sugar Industry in Kenya
Ojera, P. B., Ogutu, M., Siringi, E. M. & Othuon, L. A. (1-17)

2. Prerequisite for Sustainable Agricultural Development in the Sub-Saharan Africa
Oyebade, B. A. (18-24)

3.Learning By Exporting or Self Selection? Which Way for the Kenyan Manufacturing Firms
Muluvi , A. S. (25-43)

4. ICT’s, Service Delivery and Operational Performance in Nigerian Banks: a Survey of Empirical Research
Emmanuel, O. S. & Adebayo, A. A. (44-59)

5. Dividend Is Relevant: A Restatement
Amadasu, D. E. (60-72)

6.Impact of Exchange Rate on Balace of Payment in Nigeria
Oladipupo, A. O. & Onotaniyohuwo, F. O. (73-88)

7.A Review of the Factors Off-Putting the Application of Relationship Marketing in Nigeria
Ogbuji, C. N., Izogo, E. E. & Alagah, K. (89-103)

8.Bank Regulation and Reforms: For What? Rural Areas Transformed?
Amadasu, D. E. (104-115)

9.Damage Caused By the Bean Bruchid, Callosobruchus Maculatus (Fabricius) On Different Legume Seeds on Sale in Awka and Onitsha Markets, Anambra State, South Eastern Nigeria
Onyido, A. E., Zeibe, C. C., Okonkwo, N. J., Ezugbo-Nwobi, I. K., Egbuche, C. M., Udemezue, O. I. & Ezeanya, L. C.

10. Prevalence of Henneguya Chrysichthys (Flagellated Protozoa: Cyst) and Haematological Changes Due to the Infection in Chrysichthys Nigrodigitatus
Abraham, J. T., Akpan, P. A. & Effiom, O. E. (124-134)

11.Prevalence of Malaria Parasites among Nnamdi Azikwe University Students and Anti-Malaria Drug Use
Ezugbo-Nwobi, I. K., Obiukwu, M. O., Umeanato, P. U. & Egbuche, C. M.

12.Prevalence of Asymptomatic Bacteriuria in Secondary School Students in Benin City
Wogu, M. D. & Ogbebor, N. E. (145-151)

13.Effective Teaching Practice Supervison: A Predictor of Teacher Trainees’ Performance in Pedagogy
Lawal, B. O., Viatonu, O. & Jegede, A. A. (152-160)

14. Teachers’ Continuing Professional Development as Correlates of Sustainable Universal Basic Education in Bayelsa State, Nigeria
Iyunade, O. T. (161-177)

15.Teacher Readiness to Integrate Information Technology into Teaching and Learning Processes in Nigerian Secondary Schools: A Case Study
Aremu, A. & Adediran, E. M. (178-190)

16.Students’ Self-Concept and Their Achievement in Basic Science
Afuwape, M. O. (191-200)

17.The Effects of Gender and Mathematics Ability on Academic Performance of Students in Chemistry
Udousoro, U. J. (201-213)

18.Using Appropriate Strategies to Improve Students’ Comprehension of Chemistry Texts: A Guide for Chemistry Teachers
Okanlawon, A. E. (214-230)

19.Effects of Problem-Solving, Guided-Discovery and Expository Teaching Strategies on Students’ Performance in Redox Reactions
Mfon Effiong Udo (231-241)

20.The Status of Material Resources for Effective Teaching of Physics in Secondary Schools in Akwa Ibom State of Nigeria
Stephen, U. S. (242-249)

21.Information Needs and Information Seeking Behaviour and Use of Information Resources by MBA Students at A Nigerian University
Emmanuel, O. S. & Jegede, O. R. (250-264)

22.Statistical Consulting and the African Universities
Olaomi, J. O. (265-274)

23.Uses and Gratifications of Home Videos among the Nigerian Teenage Audience: Implications for Cultural Development and Sustainability
Nnaji, N. C. (275-290)

24.Communication and Human Resources Management and Their Compliance with Culture in Nigerian Educational System
Nakpodia, E. D. (291-307)

25.An Analysis of Sociolinguistic Functional Elements in English Language Course Books: Implications for English Language Teaching/Learning in Nigeria
Chukueggu, C. O. C. (308-315)

26.A Semantic Analysis of the Language of Advertising
Emodi, L. N. (316-326)

27.Protest against Racial Discrimination in Tess Onwueme’s Play Riot in Heaven
Worugji, G. E. (327-341)

28.Between New Challenges in African Literature and Contemporary Realities: The Case Study of Opanachi’s Eaters of the Living
Alu, N. N. (342-353)

29.“Words as Bullets”, Poetry as a Veritable Tool for Social Criticism and Reformation: A Study of Akachi Adimora-Ezeigbo’s Heart Songs and Waiting for Dawn
Chukwueloka, C. C. & Asika, I. E. (354-368)

30.Cultural Violence and the Nigerian Woman
Arisi, R. O. & Oromareghake, P. (369-381)

31.Tortoise’s Deception: the Use of Threat at the Market Place
Okodo, I. (382-391)

32.Domesticating Representative Democracy: Re-Inventing the People
Agbude, G. A. (392-407)

33. Towards Church Indigenization: A Critical Examination of the Problems and Prospects in the Deeper Life Bible Church in Northern Nigeria
Igwe, S. U. (408-422)

34.Implications of Capital Punishment in the Nigerian Society
Uche, O. O. C. & Udezo, B. O. S. (423-438)

35. Motivation, Personal Satisfaction of Team Members and Conformity to Team Norms as Predictors of Team Performance
Ogunleye, S. B. (439-448)

36.Revolutionary Pressures and Social Movements in Nigeria: The Niger Delta Experience
Orji, Kingdom E. (449-461)

37. Exclusive Indoor Informal Activities in Africa: Community Economic Development at Grassroots without Land Use Planning?
Abegunde, A. A. (462-478)

38.The Environmental Impact of Production and Sales of Sachet Water in Nigeria
Mojekeh, M. O. & Eze, P. A. O. (479-492)

39. Geographical Distribution of Average Monthly Rainfall in the Western Section of Benin- Owena River Basin, Nigeria
Ikhile, C. I. & Aifesehi P. E. E (493-500)

40.An Assessment of Implementation Strategies of Integrated Early Childcare and Development (IECD) in Epe Local Government Area of Lagos State
Viatonu, O. A., Usman-Abdulqadri, T. & Dagunduro, O. M.

41.Spatial Analysis of Soil Fertility Using Geographical Information Systems Technology
Njoku, J. D., Nnaji, A. O. & Iwuji, M. C. (511-525)