Volume 5, Number 2


1. Two Oils, Same Phenomena: Historicizing Exclusion, Poverty and Contemporary Violence in the Niger Delta
Asuk, O. C.

2. First One Hundred Days of Oil Production in Ghana
Gyampo, R.E.V., Kuditcher N. L., & Asare, B. E.

3.The Humanistic Imperative in African Politics
Agbude, G. A.

4.Elections and Electoral Tribunal in Nigeria
Nwagboso, C. I.

5. Nigeria’s Nascent Democracy and ‘WAR’ Against Corruption: A Rear View Mirror
Ojo, E. O.

6.Corporate Relationship Marketing in Developing Economies: Sustainability Tonic for Nigerian Banks
Agundu, P. U. C. & Olotu, O. A.

7.Micro Finance in Nigeria: Problems And Prospects
Nwanyanwu, O. J.

8.ATM Technology and Banking System in West African Sub-Region: Prospects and Challenges
Odachi, G. N.

9. Mediamorphosis: Analyzing the Convergence of Digital Media Forms alongside African Traditional Media
Nwammuo, A. N.

10.Urbanization and Effective Town Planning in Nigeria
Aluko, Ola E.

11. Devaluation of the Feminine worth through Poverty: Examples from Grace Ukala’s the Broken Bond and Elechi Amadi’s Estrangement
Simon, E. D., Inyang, B. Imona M. E.& Jonas E. A.

12.Gender and Topicality in Onwueme’s Plays
Nyager, E.A.

13.Forms of Political Consciousness in the Poetry of Tanure Ojaide: A Study of The Endless Song and When It No Longer Matters Where You Live
Bassey U. B.

14.Some Psycho-Academic Variables as Determinants of Students Performance in English Studies in Akwa Ibom State, Nigeria
Eme U. J. & Udoh, A. O.

15.The Integration of ICT-Education in Teacher-Trainee Programmes in Tertiary Institutions in Nigeria
Udosen, I. N. & Ekukinam, T. U.

16.Students’ and Teachers’ Participation in Decision-Making and Impact on School Work and School Internal Discipline in Nigeria
Duze, C. O.

17.The Extent of Implementation of Orientation Programme among Public and Private Secondary Schools in Cross River State of Nigeria
Ogbiji, J E., Eyo, M. B. & Oko, P. I. O

18.Identification of Factors Affecting Educational Performance of Nigerian Adult Learners: A Preliminary Study
Adelodun, O.A & Obilade, T.O.

19.Wood Flour Moulding Technology: Implications for Technical Education in Nigeria
Usoro, H. S., Akpan, G. A. & Essien, O. A.

20. Effect of Day-Studentship on Study of Geography among Female Students in Secondary Schools in Owerri, Nigeria
Onyenechere, E.C.

21.Social Studies Education as a Panacea for National Security in Nigeria
Arisi, R. O.

22.Advancement of Tradomedical Education through Effective Teaching of Social Studies in South-South Region of Nigeria
Dania, P.O.

23.On-Farm Evaluation of the Use of Cassava Root Meal as a Partial Substitute for Maize in Broiler Diets in Anambra State
Eze, A. N.

24.Economic Evaluation of Crop Farms Acquired for Crude Oil Production Activities in Rivers State Of Nigeria
Ojimba, T. P.

25.Ecology of Malaria Vectors in a Rainforest Suburban Community of Nigeria
Onyido A. E., Agbata V.O., Umeanaeto, P.U. & Obiukwu, M.O.

26.The Limnological Status of an Old Intermittent Pond During The Wet Season in Ekpoma, Southern Nigeria
Akomeah, P.A., Mensah, J. K., Ekhator, O., Okonofua, O., and Esabilue, L.O.

27. Spatio-Temporal Variation in Water Quality of Orle River Basin, S.W. Nigeria
Ikhile, C. I & Aderogba, K. A.

28. Larvicidal Properties of Datura Stramonium (Jimson Weed) and (Nicotiana Tabaccum (Tobacco) Extracts Against the Larvae of (Anopheles and Culex) Mosquitoes
Olofintoye L.K, Simon-Oke, A. I. & Omoregie, O.