Volume 5, Number 1

1.Determinants of Sugar Market Performance under Imperfect Market Conditions: Empirical Evidence from Kenya
Obange, N., G. M. Onyango & E. M. Siringi

2. Human Resource Development and the Productivity of the Civil Service of Cross River State, Nigeria
Egbe, A. A., E. B. Obo & P. B. Amimi

3.The Macro-Economy and Housing Credit Market in Ghana
Boamah, Nicholas Addai

4.Dynamics of Foreign Trade and Trade Relation Problems: Policy Options for Nigeria
Ekesiobi C. S., O. E. Ifebi, B. C. Ibekilo & J. D. Onochie

5. Millennium Development Goals {MDGs} and the Yar'adua's Seven Point Agenda in Nigeria: Prospects and Challenges
Oke, Leke, C. O. Oluwasuji, O. O. & Simon-Oke

6.Impact of Electronic Tax Registers on VAT Compliance: A Study of Private Business Firms
Naibei, K. I., & E. M. Siringi

7. Motivation, an Essential Ingredient for Optimal Performance in Emerging Markets
Oseyomon, E. P. & Ojeaga, Joseph O.

8. Entrepreneurship Empowerment and Gainful Employment: Panacea for Youth Restiveness in the Niger Delta Region of Nigeria
Egbe A., P. B. Amimi, E. Usang & Ndifon, E. O.

9. Rebranding as an Administrative Strategy in Nigeria: The Journey so Far
Edigin, L. U.

10. Analysis of the Implementation of Child Rights Law in Nigeria
Udoh, Akpan Oko & Edem, Eno

11. Conflict Theory and the Analysis of Religious Experience
Obiefuna, B. A. C.

12. Alienation and Quest for Identity in V. S. Naipaul's A House for Mr. Biswas, the Mimic Men and Miguel Street
Akung, J. E. & L. Onwugbueche

13.New Perspectives on Women and Community Empowerment In Zaynab Alkali's The Descendants And The Initiates
Mohamemd, Razinatu T. & R. Kurfi Hassan

14. Adaptation and the Individual Talent: An Intertextual Reading of Who’s Afraid of Solarin?
Owoeye, Omolara Kikelomo

15.Obnoxious Labels as Language of Class Struggle in Nigeria: The Igbo Experience
Uche, O. O. C.

16.Emotional Intelligence and Self Efficacy as Correlates of Career Commitment in Nigeria
Akpochafo, Grace O.

17. Household Size and Socio-Economic Resources: A Case Study of Ika North East Local Government Area of Delta State of Nigeria
Ugbomeh, B. A.

18.Needed Reforms and Innovations in Motherhood/Gender Education for Attaining the Millennium Development Goals (MDGS) For Sustainable Development in Africa
Duze, Chinelo O.

19.Education and the Paradox of Graduate Unemployment: The Dilemma of Development in Nigeria
Ogege, Samuel Omadjohwoefe

20. The Principals’ and Teacher Counsellors’ Perception of the Factors Influencing Effective Delivery of Guidance and Conselling Services in Public Secondary Schools in Laikipia District
Karangu, Githua N. & Muola, James M.

21. Effective Classroom Management Techniques for Secondary Schools
Asiyai, Romina Ifeoma

22.The State of Administration of Health Services among Secondary Schools in Cross River State of Nigeria
Ogbiji, Joseph E. & Koko Ekpo

23.Gender Equity and Empowerment in Nigeria: Implications for Educational Management
Nwaoku, Ngozika A. & Sunday I. Efanga

24.Impact of Gender-Based Abuse on Women’s Economic Wellbeing and Participation in Public Life in Abeokuta Metropolis in Ogun State, Nigeria
Oladeji, David

25. Gender and Occupational Preferences among Senior High School Students in Cross River State Nigeria
Eyo, M. B. & P. B. Edet

26.Effects of Improvised Materials on Students’ Achievement and Retention of the Concept of Radioactivity
Mboto, F. A. N. U. Ndem & U. S. Stephen

27. Effects of Reformulation of Knowledge and Expository Teaching Strategies on Students’ Performance in Chemistry
Udo, Mfon Effiong

28.Self-Concept and Secondary School Students’ Academic Achievement in Physics
Stephen, Utibeabasi

29.Learning Problems among Male and Female First Year Undergraduate Students
Ogbebor, G. G. & Oghounu, A. Eric

30.Effectiveness of Selected Communication Media on Tourism Awareness Creation for Rural Development in Ogun State, Nigeria
Bakare, K. O.

31. A Study on the Feeding and Growth Patterns of the Variegated Grasshopper Zonocerus Variegatus (L) in the Laboratory
Okonkwo, Nnaemeka J., F. N. Ezeakacha & E. N. Nwankwo

32.Nigerian Indigenous Vs Exotic Hens: The Correlation Factor in Body Weight and Laying Performance
Agaviezor, B. O., F. O. Ajayi, O. A. Adebambo, & H. H. Gunn

34.Comparative Studies on the Larvicidal Action of Novaluron (Mosquiron® 100EC) and Moringa Oliefera (LAM) Seed Oil against Aedes Aegypti (Diptera: Culicidae) Larvae
Nwankwo, E. N., N. J. Okonkwo, N. A. Ozumba & E. G. Okafor

35.Adaptive Kernel in Meshsize Boosting Algorithm in KDE
Ishiekwene, C. C & Nwelih, E.

36.Clothing for Elderly Persons: Management and Caring Strategies
Nyong, B. C. & C. O. Duze

37.Preventing Cardiovascular Disease Risk Factors through Aerobic Exercises
Adodo S. M. & Omoifo D. E.

38.Prevalence of Parasitic Infections among Students in A Large Rural Community Secondary School (Community Comprehensive Secondary School, Nto Usung) in Esssien Udim L. G. A. of Akwa Ibom State, Nigeria
Akpan, P. A & Abraham, J. T.

39. Linkages between Poverty and Environmental Degradation
Ibimilua, Foyeke Omoboy

40.Causes and Impacts of Conflict on Biodiversity Management at the Buffer Zone of Old Oyo National Park, Oyo State, Nigeria
Adetoro, A. O., D. O. Oyeleye & H. M. Ijeomah

41. Origin, Nature and Dismantling of Apartheid Policy in the Union of South Africa (1948-1994)
Aremu, Johnson Olaosebikan

42.Art and the Canker-Worm Years in Nigeria, 1980-2006; the Implications for Modern Nigerian Art, Its History and Documentation
Odiboh, Freeborn

43.Art Pricing and the Nigerian Economy, 1960-2008; the Rising Profile of Modern Nigerian Art
Odiboh, Freeborn