Volume 4,Number 3a

1. Saving Ghana from Its Oil: A Critical Assessment of Preparations So Far Made
Gyampo, Ransford

2. Living with Oil: Towards an Ethics of the Environment in the Niger Delta
Ekanem, S. A., Ejue, B. J., Amimi, P. B., & Adalikwu, R. A.

3. Democracy and Governance in Nigeria’s Fourth Republic
Oke, Leke

4. Poverty, Access to Health Care Services and Human Capital Development in Nigeria
Akpomuvie, O. B.

5. Perception of People about Shelterbelts in Kaita Local Government Area of Katsina State, Nigeria
Udofia, S. I. & Udo, E. S.

6. Redundancy in Nigerian Business Organizations: Alternatives
Oparanma, A. O.

7. Globalization, Imperialism and Christianity: The Nigerian Perspective
Obiefuna, B. A. C. & Ezeoba, A. C.

8. Education and Economic Growth in Nigeria: A Granger Causality Analysis
Omojimite, Ben U. 90-108

9. Impact of the Implementation of the 9- Years Universal Basic Education Programme in Public Primary and Junior Secondary Schools in Imo State
Uzomah, P. N. & Okereke, Chinwe

10. Promoting Creativity and Entrepreneurship in Education: The Panacea for Poverty Reduction in Nigeria
Okoye, K. R. E. & Eze, T. I.
11. Relationship between Creativity and Academic Achievement of Business Administration Students in South Western Polytechnics, Nigeria Olatoye, R. A., Akintunde, S. O. & Ogunsanya, E.A.

12. Technological Attitude and Academic Achievement of Physics Students in Secondary Schools
Stephen, U. S.
13. Self-concept and Academic Achievement of Delinquent and Non-delinquent Students in Imo state Nigeria
Azubike, Ikediashi
14. The Traditional Beliefs and the Attitude of Children towards Schooling among the Ejgham Communities of Cross River State, Nigeria
Imona, M. E.

15. Demographic Variables as Determinants of Women’s Participation in Child Nutrition Education in Osun State, Nigeria
Olaleye, Y. L.

16. Students’ Appraisal of the Quality of Instruction in Clothing and Textiles in Tertiary Institutions in Delta State
Arubayi, D. O.

17. Information Needs and Characteritics of the Users of Rural Libraries in Ekiti State, Nigeria
Fabunmi, F. A. & Olajide, O.

18. Art in Early Childhood Education Classrooms: An Invitation to Creativity
Omatseye, B. O. J. & Emeriewen, K. O.

19. Explanations of Freud’s Psychoanalysis Theories on the Lives and Works of Some Western Artist: An African Perspective
Ese Odokuma

20. Onaism: An Artistic Model of Yoruba Civilization in Nigeria
Irivwieri, G. O.

21. Risawe’s Palace, Ilesa Nigeria: Traditional Yoruba Architecture as Socio-Cultural and Religious Symbols
Umoru-Oke, N.

22. The Asele Period in Uche Okeke’s Creativity 1958-1966
Chukueggu, C. C.

23. Multivariate Time Series Analysis for Optimum Production Forecast: A Case Study of 7up Soft Drink Company in Nigeria
Ihueze, C. C. & Okafor, E. C.

24. Cost Effectiveness and Demand for Medical Services among Rural Dwellers in Ekiti State, Nigeria
Omotoso, Oluwatuyi

25. Multivariate Regression of Liver on Intestine of Mice: A Chemotherapeutic Evaluation of Plant Extracts
Adelodun, O.

26. Survey of Gastro-Intestinal Parasites of Chimpanzees and Drill Monkeys in Drill Ranch, Calabar, Cross River State-Nigeria
Akpan, P. A., Abraham, J. T. & Ekwetiong, P. O.

27. Comparative Detection of Infrastructural Land Conversion Dynamics in a Nigerian City Using Space Technology
Njoku, J. D

28. Comparative Efficacy and Economic Viability of Trichoderma Strains as Bio-Control Agents for the Control of Phytophthora Pod Rot of Cocoa in Nigeria
Adedeji, A.R., Odebode, A.C., Sanusi, R.A. & Olaiya, A.O.

29. Quantitative Analysis of Complex Tropical Forest Stands: A Review
Oyebade, B. A. & Ekeke, B. A.

30. Children, Status and the Law in Nigeria
Onyemachi, Thomas Uche