Volume 2,Number 1

1. Sporting Equipment and Students’ Academic Performance in the Concept of Projectile in Nigerian Senior Secondary School Physics
F. A. Onwioduokit, A. O. Akinbobola & M. D. A. Udoh (1–18)

2. Good Governance: A Step towards Promoting Positive Attitude and Enhancing Productivity in the Civil Service
Bala I. Sambo & Ato Shoa Jemal (19–47)

3. Gender Equity Employment in Polytechnics in South East Zone of Nigeria: Implication for Affirmative Action
Obiagwu, Clara O. & Unachukwu, G. O. (48 – 63)

4. Spelling and Phonetic Inconsistencies in English: A Problem for Learners of English as a Foreign/Second Language
Nneka Umera-Okeke (64 – 83)

5.The Composition and Physical Properties of Some Clays of Cross River State, Nigeria
L. E. Attah (84 – 93)

6. Comparative Study of the Influence of the Home Background on Student’s Achievement in Mathematics in Bensihangul Gumuz Regional State of Ethiopia
B. J. Ojo , & Yilma Tsehaw (94 – 108)

7. Relative Effects of Problem-Solving and Concept Mapping Instructional Strategies on Student’s Achievement in Economics
Adu, E. Olusola & B. O. Emunemu (109 – 123)

8. Ambiguity and Nominal Group Multiple Post modification in the Written English of Some Selected Nigerian Polytechnics
Bidemi Okanlawon & Samson Oluga (124 – 151)

9. Revitalizing Technical and Vocational Education Training for Poverty Eradication and Sustainable Development Through Agricultural Education
Ibrahim Hamza Alhaji (152– 161)

10. Effects of Concept Mapping and Problem Solving Instructional Strategies on Secondary School Learning Outcomes in Chemistry
Abayomi Olajengbesi & Kehinde Olugbenga Aluko (162-176)

11. Factors Influencing Health Beliefs among People in South West, Nigeria
Adegoke. Adekunle Anthony (177 -197)

12. Improvement of the Teaching of Vocational Technical Education through Scientific Supervision
Anthony A. Akpan (198 – 212)

13. Saratanya (House Servant) in Ethiopia and ‘Ya’yan Magajiya (Errand Children) in Nigeria
Mailafiya Aruwa Filaba (213 – 240)

14. Effect of Prior Knowledge of Instructional Objectives on Students’ Achievement in Selected Difficult Concepts in Nigerian Senior Secondary School Physics
N. I. Nkwo, A. O. Akinbobola & G. A. Ikitde (241 – 260)

15. Effects of a Single Dose of Caffeine on Resting Cardiovascular System of Normal Young Black African Adults
Lamina Sikiru and Musa Danladi I. (261– 271)