Volume 6 Number 1, Janaury 2012


1.Relationship between Income size, inspection and VAT compliance: Evidence from Private Firms in Kenya
Naibei, I. K., Momanyi, G. & Oginda, M. N. (1-17)

2.Growth Perspective via Trade in Nigeria: A Co-integration Approach
Eravwoke, K. E. & Oyovwi, D. O. (18-26)

3. Business Recovery Strategies in the Economic Crisis of Recession in Nigeria
Demaki, G. O. (27-38)

4.The Validity of Herzberg’s Dual-Factor Theory on Job Satisfaction of Political Marketers
Worlu, R. E. K. & Chidozie F. C. (39-50)

5.The Role of Stock Market Development on Economic Growth in Nigeria: A Time Series Analysis
Alajekwu, U. B. & Achugbu, A. A. (51-70)

6.Network Gateway Technology: The Issue of Redundancy towards Effective Implementation
Imiefoh, P. (71-81)

7.Dutch Disease and Nigeria Oil Economy
Otaha, J. I. (82-90)

8. Project Finance for Small and Medium Scale Enterprises (SMEs) in Nigeria
Adigwe, P. K. (91-100)

9. Modelling and Forecasting Periodic Electric Load for a Metropolitan City in Nigeria
Eneje, I. S., Fadare D. A., Simolowo O. E. & Falana A. (101-115)

10.Appraisal as a Determinant for Adequate Compensation in Private Sector: A Study of Selected Organisations in Nigeria
Osemeke, M. (116-135)

11.The Place of Leadership Quality and Role of Coaches in Sports Performance by Nigerian University Students
Jeroh, E. J. (136-145)

12.Conceptual Model for Effective Sports Marketing In Nigeria
Akarah, E. (146-154)

13. Sanitation Indicators in the Rural Communities of the South-Eastern Nigeria: Additional Evidence of Policy Failure in Rural Development
Nkwocha, E. E., Pat-Mbano, E. C. & Okeoma, I. O. (155-170)

14.Adoption of Enriched Local Complementary Food in Osun State: Combating Micronutrient Deficiency in the First Two Years of Life
Ogunba, B. O. (171-182)

15.Legal/Judicial Enforcement Approaches towards Prevention and Protection of Children Infected and Living with HIV/AIDS in Nigeria
Okpalaobi, B. N. & Onyi-Ogelle, H. O. (183-197)

16.National Security and Sustainable Development in Nigeria: Challenges from the Niger Delta
Orji, K. E. (198-211)

17.The Functionality of Being in Pantaleon’s Operative Metaphysics vis-a-vis the Niger Delta Conflict
Kanu, I. A. (212-222)

18. Israel’s Genocide on Amalek (I Samuel 15) and Jos Crisis in Nigeria: A Socio-Religious Discourse
Ugwueye, L. E., Umeanolue, I. L. & Ihemekwala, A. A.(223-236)

19.Missionary Historiography: A Factor for the Emergence of African Nationalism
Nmah, P. E. & Udezo, B. O. S. (237-248)

20.Marriage Counselling in Multicultural Society, Nigerian Experience
Akuezuilo, J. A., Uzoekwe, H. E. & Obineli, A. S. (249-255)

21.Preservation and Conservation of Yoruba Cultural Artefacts: The Place of Nigerian Libraries and Archives
Folorunso, O. & Folorunso, F. J. (256-262)

22. Effect of Captioned Film Instructional Package (CFIP) on Academic Performance of Hearing Disabled Students in English Language in Special Schools in Akwa Ibom State, Nigeria
Udosen, I. N., Itighise, A. E. & Enang, U. U. (263-274)

23. Proverbial Space and the Dialectics of Place and Displacement in Sade Adeniran’s Imagine This
Jegede, Olutoyin Bimpe (275-286)

24. Factors That Promote Gender Imbalance in the Teaching of Science/Mathematics: The Views of Practicing Teachers
Udousoro U. J. (287-298)

25. Participatory Learning and Student Empowerment in the Classroom
Obadiegwu, C. C. (299-310)

26.Developing Critical Thinking and Communication Skills in Students: Implications for Practice in Education
Yusuf, F. A. & Adeoye, E. A. (311-324)

27. Impact of Information and Communication Technology on Distance Education: The case of National Open University of Nigeria
Osaat, S. D. & Nsereka, L. R. (325-341)

28. Quality Assurance Using ICT Best Practices in School- Based Assessment of Students’ Learning in Nigerian University Education
Anekwe, J. U. & Izuchi, M. N. (342-359)

29.Principals’ Perception of Educational Inputs and Students’ Academic Performance in Junior Secondary Schools in Delta State of Nigeria
Duze, C. O. (360-379)

30.Work Ethics and Productivity in Local Government System in Nigeria, Problems and Prospects
Ananti, M. O. & Umeifekwem, U. (380-392)

31.The Challenges of Socio-Psychological Factors as Correlates of Adolescent Students’ Cigarette Smoking In Cross River State, Nigeria
Adadu, P. M. A., Akpama, E. G. & Ekanem, R. S. (393-401)

32.Curbing the Ills of Corruption in Nigeria
Ogoloma, Fineface (402-409)