AFRREV, Volume 6 Number 2, April, 2012


1.The Predictive Effect of Big Five Factor Model on Social Reactivity among Adolescents in Cross River State, Nigeria: Personality Assessment and Basis for Counselling
Adadu, P. M. A., Iyaji, T. O. & Okon, A. E. (1-12)

2.A Comparative Study of the Gastro-Intestinal Helminth Parasites Infection of Fresh and Brackish Water Fishes from Warri River, Southern Nigeria
Wogu, M.D. & Okaka, C. E. (13-23)

3.Baseline Assessment of Vulnerable Children and HIV Burden Alleviation in Ekiti State, Nigeria
Oluwadare, C.T. & Jegede, B. (24-35)

4.Self-Esteem and Achievement Motivation as Predictors of Perceived Sense of Competence among Workers in a Nigerian University Teaching Hospital
Balogun, S. K., Ojedokun, O. A. & Tijani, F. A (36-54)

5. Implications of Child Labour on Household Resource Management
Soyebo K. O. (55-69)

6.Performance in Art Nature and Meaning among Fine/Applied Arts and Theatre Arts Undergraduates in Nigeria: A Case of University of Benin
Imonikebe, M. E. (70-78)

7. Nigerian Traditional Music Education in the Context of Global Educational Challenges
Onyiuke, Y. S & Umezinwa, E. C. (79-89)

8.The Dynamics of Music and Culture in Traditional Ibibio Society of Nigeria
Ekpa, A. E. (90-101)

9. The Church and National Development: towards a Philosophy of Collaboration
Ezenweke, E. O. & Kanu, I. A. (102-112)

10. The Problem of Being in Metaphysics
Kanu, I. A. (113-122)

11. Environmental Philosophy and Suffering in the Niger Delta
Ikeke, M. O. (123-135)

12. Towards Pentecostal Church Indigenization Policy: The Way Forward for the Pentecostals in Northern Nigeria
Ukoha, Igwe. S. (136-149)

13.Education Graduate Skill Development as Perceived by Employers in Institutions and Industries in Delta State
Umunadi, E. K. (150-161)

14. The Poverty of Crisis Management Strategies in the Niger Delta Region of Nigeria: A Focus on the Amnesty Programme
Duru, E. J. C. & Ogbonnaya, U. M. (162-170)

15. Leadership Competencies Desired by Employers of Business Education Graduates for Effective Job Performance in Business Organizations
Oduma, C.A. & Ile, C. M. (171-180)

16. Social Studies Education in the 21st Century, a Tool for Fighting Corruption in Nigeria
Dania, P. O. & Emuebie, J. E. (181-191)

17. Assessing School Facilities in Public Secondary Schools in Delta State, Nigeria
Asiyai, R. I. (192-205)

18.Effect of Multimedia on Primary School Pupils Retention and Interest in Basic Science Concepts
Nwanekezi, A. U & Kalu, N. E. (206-214)

19. Guidance and Counselling in the Sustainability of Educational System
Adebowale, T. A. (215-22)

20. The Impact of Intercollegiate Sports Competitions on the Overall Educational Achievement of Participants in Some Selected Nigerian Universities
Jeroh, E. J. (226-236)

21.Team Work Competences Needed by Business Education Graduate Employees for Effective Job Performance in Organizations
Oduma, C.A. & Ile, C. M. (237-245)

22. Reading Habits of Undergraduates and their Academic Performances: Issues and Perspectives
Akabuike, I. G. & Asika, I. E. (246-257)

23. Dyslexia: Causes, Management and Implications for the Nigerian Primary School Child
Ikediashi, N. (258-265)

24. Towards Strengthening the Relationship between Trade Unions and University Management in Nigeria
Ekundayo, H. T. (266-273)

25. Assessing Learning Environment for Achieving Standard in Primary Education: Implication for Counselling for Human Capacity Development
Nwanekezi, A.U. & Iruloh. Betty-Ruth (274-289)

26. Towards Effective Implementation of Electronic Banking in Nigeria
Imiefoh, Pedro (290-30

27. The Need for Integration of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) into Teacher Training Programmes in Nigeria
Edu, D. O., Edu, G. O. & Adah, S. (301-311)

28. Finance for the Poor: An Assessment of the Performance of Microfinance Institutions in Nigeria
Ademu, W. A. (312-325)

29. Profiling of the Nigerian Entrepreneurs
Iyayi, F. I. O., Akinmayowa, J.T., & Enaini, S. O. (326-352)

30. Determinants of pension schemes governance effectiveness: a case of Kenya Medical Research Institute (KEMRI)
Shikhule, A. F., Momanyi, G, Naibei, K. I., Oginda, M. N. & Nyakweba, I. (353-370)