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AFRREV VOL 13(1) January, 2019

Table of content

  1. The Political Economy of Mineral Exploitation in Cameroon
  2. Nting, R. T. (1-13)

  3. Human Rights and Governance in Nigeria, 2011-2015
  4. Johnson, I. & Salau, J. O. (14-26)

  5. Religious Pluralism and Sustainable Development in Nigeria
  6. Ele, Christian O. (27-38)

  7. Exercise in Antiquity and Modern Times: Catholicon for Healthy Living
  8. Aneni, M. O. & Adegoju, F. A. (38-49)

  9. Evidence of Utilisation of the Lessons of History for Planning and Development in Nigeria: The Example of the Contrast Between Lagos and Abuja
  10. Unumen, O. J. & Adepoju, A. (51-62)

  11. Narrative Power of the Shot: A Reading of Izu Ojukwu’s Cindy’s Notes
  12. Ihunwo, O. (63-77)

  13. Text as an Agent and Agency of Dislocation: An Intertextual Inspection of Select Nigerian Dramas
  14. Binebai, B. & Abraye, S. D. (77-85)

  15. Drama as a Tool for the Campaign against Female Genital Mutilation: Juliana Okoh’s Edewede as a Paradigm
  16. Nwafor, Friday (86-92)

  17. Methodological Usefulness of Content Analysis in Social Science Research
  18. Mustapha, A. I. & Ebomoyi, I. (93-102)

  19. Implication of Mother’s Depression on Educational Development of Internally displaced Nigerian Children
  20. Agashua, P. A., Ogwo, A. O., Awopetu, R. G., Ugese, J. I. (103-113)

  21. Reasons for Public Sector Jobs Preference in Nigeria
  22. Ajani, O. A. & Oyekola, I. A. (114-130)

  23. Value Addition: A Tool for Accelerated Industrialisation in Nigeria
  24. Harry, D. M. & Kalagbor, S. B. (131-143)

  25. Research and Development (R&D), Innovation and Competitiveness: Interwoven Concepts for the Sustainability of Entrepreneurial-Developmental Outcomes
  26. Gamba, F. J. (144-162)

  27. Oil: Visual Metaphors in Paintings of the Niger Delta Region of Nigeria
  28. Ubogu, Nics O. (163-179)

Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License.


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