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AFRREV VOL 2(3) June, 2008

Table of content

  1. Gender Differences in Communication Patterns of Females in Single-Sex and Mixed-Sex Schools in Nnewi Education Zone
  2. Nwosu, Eucharia Nchedo & Joachim C. Omeje ()

  3. Strategies for Achieving Quality Assurance in Science Education in Akwa Ibom State of Nigeria
  4. Akinbobola, A. O & G. A. Ikitde (146-159) ()

  5. Modeling, Behaviour Prediction, and Control – Tripartite Essentials of Contemporary Structural Engineering Education
  6. Arum, C. (1-20)

  7. Energy Losses through Unharnessed Biomass in South-Eastern Region of Nigeria
  8. Achebe, C.H., S.C. Nwigbo, E.C. Chinwuko & M.O. Odhomi (21-34)

  9. Assessment of Reservoir Storage in a Semi-Arid Environment Using Gould Probability Matrix
  10. Ibn Abubakar, B.S.U (35-50)

  11. Bootstrap Approach to Comparison of Alternative Methods of Parameter Estimation of a Simultaneous Equation Model
  12. Olubusoye, O. E., Olaomi, J. O. and O. O. Odetunde (51-61)

  13. Style and the New Poetic Revolution in Niyi Osundare’s Poetry
  14. Alu, Nesther Nachafiya (62-84)

  15. Growth and Development of Individualism and Universalism in Selected Poems of Walt Whitman
  16. Devardhi, Julia (85-102)

  17. Education and Development in a Globalized Environment: The Case of Northern Nigeria
  18. Adebola O. Jaiyeoba & Mukhtari Ado Jibril (116-129)

  19. Strategies for Developing Teachers’ Scientific Skills towards a Resourceful Teaching of Primary Science
  20. Aluko, K. Olugbenga & Rebecca Olufunke Aluko (160-172)

  21. An Investigation into Communication Climate and Staff Efficiency in South-Western Nigeria Tertiary Institutions
  22. Ijaduola, ‘Kayode Olu (173-186)

  23. Alternative Sources of Funding University Education in Nigeria
  24. Akpan Oko Udoh (187-194)

  25. Student Leadership in Selected Public Universities in Kenya: Disfranchised Pressure Groups or an Integral Component in University Management?
  26. Bosire, Joseph, C. Chemnjor and M. Ngware (195-221)

  27. Impact of National Universities Commission (NUC) Accreditation Exercise on University Administrative Structure
  28. Oribabor, O. A. (222-235)

  29. Socio-economic Factors and Residents’ Health in Nigeria Urban Centres
  30. Olawuni, P.O. (236-248)

  31. Therapeutic Exercise and Hypertension
  32. Lamina Sikiru & Chuba G. Okoye (249-261)

  33. Environmental Sustainability of Some Cropping Systems in the Humid Tropics
  34. Bello. W. B. (262-277)

  35. Yield Performance of Some Cowpea Varieties under Sole and Intercropping with Maize at Bauchi, Nigeria
  36. Ibrahim Hamza Alhaji (278-291)

  37. A Study of Hospital Waste Generation and Management Practice in Akure, Nigeria
  38. Babatola, J.O. (292-305)

  39. Identification of Allelochemicals from Terminalia Chebula
  40. Manikandan, M. & Rejula M. (306-314)

  41. An Appraisal of the Crisis in Darfur in Western Sudan and the Prospect for a Lasting Peace
  42. Mamman Musa Adamu (315-333)

  43. The Politics of States’, Local Governments’ Creation and Nigeria’s Search for Geo-Political Balancing
  44. Ojo, Emmanuel O. & P. F. Adebayo (334-367)

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