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AFRREV VOL 3(1) January, 2009

Table of content

  1. Attitude towards Epilepsy and Mental Illness in Ekiti State, Nigeria
  2. Mokuolu, Bolade Olubunmi (1-12)

  3. Assessment of Social Welfare Services of Sufferers of Leprosy in Delta State, Nigeria, 10 March 2006. Its 6050 Words Count
  4. Ewhrudjakpor Christian. (13-26)

  5. Sexual Health and Sexual Rights within Marriage
  6. Olabisi, I.A., Aransiola, J.O. and O.C. Osezua (27-46)

  7. Perception and Attitudes of Christian Youths towards Condom Use (Implications for HIV/AIDs in Nigeria)
  8. Titilayo, Ayotunde, Agunbiade, O. Melvin & Okanlawon K. (47-60)

  9. Determinants of Adolescent Reproductive Health Problems in Awka South Local Government Area South East Nigeria: Implication for Counselling
  10. Anyamene, Ada & Chris Anyamene (61-67)

  11. Prevalence of Congenital Malaria in Ilorin, Nigeria
  12. Kolawole, O.M., Jimoh, A.A.G., Babatunde,A.S, Balogun, O.R & Kanu I. G. (68-76)

  13. Evaluating Housing Problems through Participatory Rural Appraisal in Lokoja, Nigeria
  14. Olawepo, R.A (77-96)

  15. Willingness to Pay for Improved Environmental Quality among Residents Living in Close Proximity to Landfills in Lagos Metropolis, Nigeria
  16. Olorunfemi, Felix B. (97-110)

  17. Petroleum Exploitation or Human Exploitation? An Overview of Niger Delta Oil Producing Communities in Nigeria
  18. Ajibade, L.T. and Awomuti, A. A. (111-124)

  19. Timber Dealers’ Perception of their Knowledge of the Forest Law in Uyo Senatorial District of Akwa Ibom State, Nigeria
  20. Enefiok S. Udo, Samuel I. Udofia & Olajide, O (125-135)

  21. Oil Pollution and Eastern Obolo Human Ecology, 1957-2007
  22. John H. Enemugwem (136-151)

  23. Awareness of Public Library and Utilization of its HIV/AIDS Information Resources and Services by Secondary School adolescents
  24. Bamise, F. O., C. T., Bamise & M. A. Adedigba (152-161)

  25. Oil Pollution and Eastern Obolo Human Ecology, 1957-2007
  26. John H. Enemugwem (136-151)

  27. Awareness of Public Library and Utilization of its HIV/AIDS Information Resources and Services by Secondary School adolescents
  28. Bamise, F. O., C. T., Bamise & M. A. Adedigba (152-161)

  29. Creating a Database for Test Items in National Examinations
  30. Borokinni, Olubunmi Joseph (162-178)

  31. The Impact of Forecasting on Strategic Planning and Decision Making: An Exploratory Study of Nigerian Stock Exchange
  32. Adeyemi, S. L. & Aremu, Mukaila Ayanda (179-205)

  33. Government Expenditure Management and Control within the Framework of Ethiopian Economy
  34. Ukah. O.C (206-213)

  35. Harnessing the International Treaty on Plant Genetic Resources for Food and Agriculture in Enhancing World Food Security: A Critical Analysis
  36. Edgar Tabaro (214-233)

  37. Breaking the Vicious Cycle in Irrigation Farming System for Sustainable Food Security in Nigeria
  38. Oriola, E. O. (234-245)

  39. Women in Poverty: Experience from Limpopo Province, South Africa
  40. Kongolo, M. (246-258)

  41. Prevalence of Gender Discrepancy in Internet Use in Nigeria: Implication for Women Empowerment
  42. Anunobi, Chinwe V. & Francisca C. Mbagwu (259-274)

  43. Academic Staff Perception on Effective Planning of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) in Distance Learning Programme
  44. Akudo, F. U. & Obunadike, J. C (275-283)

  45. Pursuing Discipline and Ethical Issues in Tertiary Institutions in Nigeria
  46. Kayode Ajayi & Adeyinka Adeniji (284-300)

  47. Re-Engineering Primary School Teachers for Sustainable Development through Appropriate Motivation
  48. Muokwue Chinyere A. & W. N. Ofojebe (301-313)

  49. Views of Physics Teachers on the Need to Train and Retrain Physics Teachers in Nigeria
  50. Omosewo, Esther O. (314-325)

  51. Teachers’ Attitude and Gender Factor as Determinant of Pupils’ performance in Primary Science
  52. Afolabi, Folashade (326-332)

  53. Addressing the Factors Inhibiting Students’ Participation in Classroom Interactive Teaching and Learning in Jimma University, Ethiopia
  54. Mailafiya Aruwa Filaba (333-348)

  55. Students’ Evaluation of Classroom Interactions of their Biology Teachers: Implications for Curriculum Implementation
  56. Onwuachu, Winifred C. & Felicia E. Nwakonobi (349-361)

  57. The Role of Nigerian Teachers and Parents: A Pre-Requisite for Efficient and Dynamic Curriculum Development
  58. Adebile, Ruth Foluke (362-372)

  59. Impact of Education on Social Mobility among Residents in Ilorin Metropolis
  60. Yusuf, Noah (373-387)

  61. The State of Reading in Selected Secondary Schools in Oyo State, Nigeria
  62. Kolawole, Clement Olusegun Olaniran (388-398)

  63. Using Vocal and Silent Reading Approaches for the Enhancement of Effective Teaching and Learning of Reading Skills in English Language
  64. G.B. Inyang (399-413)

  65. A Critical Review of the Involvement of Teachers and Students’ Interest in Current English Language Curriculum in Nigerian Secondary School
  66. Oribabor, O.A (414-424))

  67. A Pedagogical Study of Tone Neutralization in Cibemba Phonetics and Phonology
  68. Kasonde, Alex & Margaret Dunham (425-435)

  69. Application of Freudian Concepts to the Explication of Literary Texts: A Case Study of Walt Whitman’s “The Sleepers
  70. Devardhi, Julia (436-450)

  71. Africanizing” A Modern African Art History Curriculum from the Perspectives of an Insider
  72. Odiboh, Freeborn O (451-467)

  73. The Legend of Queen Sheba, the Solomonic Dynasty and Ethiopian History: An Analysis
  74. Mamman Musa Adamu (468-482)

  75. Ethnic Nationalism and the Nigerian Democratic Experience in the Fourth Republic
  76. Aluko, M.A.O and O.A. Ajani (483-499)

  77. Problem and Counselling Needs of Corps Members in Nigeria
  78. Yusuf F. Adeoti & Olaewe, O. O. ()

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