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IJAH VOL 2(1) February, 2013

Table of content

  1. The Media and the Contradictions in Commitments to the Fight against climate change
  2. Ukonu, M. O., Akpan, C. S. & Anorue, L. I. (1-16)

  3. Radio as a Tool for Rural Development in Nigeria: Prospects and Challenges
  4. Asemah, E. S., Anum, V. & Edegoh, L. O. (17-35)

  5. Elements of Public Relations Practice in the Administration of Wukari Traditional Council
  6. Alemoh, T. A. & Adi, A. (36-55)

  7. Utilising the Mass Media for the Promotion of Religious Activities in Nigeria
  8. Ogwo, C., Asemah, E. S. & Obidike F. N. (56-69)

  9. Classification and Criticism of Nigeria Literary Drama
  10. Iwuchukwu, O. F. (70-82)

  11. The Sociological Essence of Music in Burial: An Analysis of Akwa Oke –Nwanyi in Umunikem Community in Imo State
  12. Akas, N. C. (83-93)

  13. Boko Haram Terrorism in Nigeria: The Paradox and Challenges of Big Brother Foreign Policy
  14. Akpomera, E. & Omoyibo, K. (94-113)

  15. Niger Delta Militants and the Boko Haram: A Comparative Appraisal
  16. Ogoloma, F. I. (114-131)

  17. Abolition of Trial by Ordeal at Eni-Lake, Uzere, Delta State of Nigeria, 1903: A Reconsideration
  18. Oghi, F. E. (132-144)

  19. Human Development as Correlates of Ethnic –Based Violence in Nigeria
  20. Adesina, L.A. Oluwadare, C.T. & Agagu, A. A. (145-156)

  21. Application of Ethics, Justice and Fair Treatment in Human Resource Management for Sustainable Peace in Nigeria Work Organizations
  22. Okere, L., Nwobueze, C. C. & Nweke, O. (157-179)

  23. Profiling Poverty in West Africa: A Sub-Regional Survey
  24. Osai, O. J., Eleanya, L. U. M. & Amugo, O. F. (180-200)

  25. A Common Word in Cross and Crescent: Christians and Muslims on Loving in Nigeria
  26. Nmah, P. E. (201-216)

  27. Religion, Language and the Functional Necessity of Philosophy
  28. Badey, P. B. (217-227)

  29. Myths in African Concept of Historical Reality
  30. Jaja, J. M. (228-242)

  31. The Relationship between Monetary Policy Rate (MPR) and Banking Rates: Evidence from Regression and Multivariate Causality Analysis
  32. Tsenkwo, B. J. & Longdu’ut, D. T. (234-256)

  33. Overview of Trends Shaping Human Resource Management for Improved Organizational Effectiveness in Nigeria
  34. Nwobueze, C. C., Okere, L. & Ikechi, P. O. (257-272)

  35. English, a Tonal Language?
  36. Pam, K. J. (273-280)

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