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IJAH VOL 2(3) July, 2013

Table of content

  1. The Unity of Knowledge: History as Science and Art
  2. Ajaegbo, D. I. (1-19)

  3. Transmogrified Religious Systems and the Phenomenon of Sex Trafficking among the Benin People of Southern Nigeria
  4. Osezua, O. C. (20-35)

  5. Every Picture Tells A Story: Stages of Art Development among Children
  6. Omatseye, B. O. J & Emeriewen, K. O. (36-52)

  7. Uche Okeke as A Precursor of Contemporary Nigerian Art Education
  8. Okonkwo, I. E. & Akhogba, A. E. (53-67)

  9. An Appraisal of the Aesthetic Dimension to the African Philosophy of Cloth
  10. Omatseye, B. O. J & Emeriewen, K. O. (68-89)

  11. Quality Service Delivery as a Competitive Weapon in Corporate Strategy: The Case of Zenith Bank of Nigeria Plc
  12. Ijeoma, Ngozi. B. (90-118)

  13. Multinational Oil Companies and Corporate Social Responsibilities: The Host Communities Experience
  14. Andabai, P.W. & Basuo, B.K. (119-133)

  15. The Influence of Motivation on Employees’ Performance: A Study of Some Selected Firms in Anambra State
  16. Muogbo, Uju S. (134-151)

  17. The Limitations of Monetary Tools in a Developing Economy like Nigeria
  18. Bulus, M. L. (152-164)

  19. An Empirical Analysis of the Impact of Debt on the Nigerian Economy
  20. Ijeoma, Ngozi B. (165-191)

  21. Problems of Revenue Generation in Local Government Administration in Nigeria
  22. Uhunmwuangho, S. O. & Aibieyi, S. (192-209)

  23. The Functions and Spiritual Connotations of Traditional Music Performance with Particular Reference to Ufie Music in Igboland
  24. Nwobu, Stella N. (210-227)

  25. Drama/Theatre in Education and Theatre as an Academic Discipline: A Question of Nomenclature, Techniques and Effects
  26. Idogho, Joseph Agofure (228-248)

Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License.


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