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IJAH VOL 2(4) September, 2013

Table of content

  1. The Economics of Theatre/Entertainment Technology in Nigeria
  2. Orisaremi, A. S. (1-18)

  3. Quality Assurance in Dance as a Profession not Mediocre: Ukwu Nja Dance Performance as a Paradigm
  4. Akas, N. C. (19-26)

  5. Communicating Corporate Social Responsibility Performance of Organisations: A Key to Winning Stakeholders’ Goodwill
  6. Asemah, E. S., Okpanachi, R. A. & Olumuji, E. O. (27-54)

  7. Communication and Effective Utilization of Human Resource in Tertiary Institutions
  8. Iwowari, A. I. C. (55-80)

  9. Policy and Management Issues in Contemporary Nigerian Education System
  10. Omale, I. & Ibietan, J. (81-104)

  11. Human and Institutional Capacity - Building: Missing Link to Research and Development in Nigeria
  12. Ejedafiru, E. F. (105-116)

  13. Reflections on Africa’s Security Situation: An Examination of Nigeria Police Force, 1999-2011
  14. Oghi, F. E. (117-133)

  15. Migration and Economic Challenges in West Africa
  16. Ndubisi, E. J. O. (134-150)

  17. The Roles of Peace Envoy in Liberian Conflict Management
  18. Buhari, L. O. (151-169)

  19. Issues in Political Development: Implications for Counsellors
  20. Okonkwo, M. C. & Obineli, A. S. (170-177)

  21. Relationship between Occupational Maladjustment and Task Performance of Civil Servants
  22. Obineli, A. S. & Ifelunni, I. (178-190)

  23. Enthroning Responsible Democratic Culture in Nigeria through Christian Values
  24. Anozie, E. E. (191-204)

  25. Predicting the Effect of Counselling on the Psychological Adjustment of Boko Haram Victims in Nigeria
  26. Adesina, O. J. (205-216)

  27. Nigeria Personal Income Tax (Amendment) Act 2011: Implications for Tax Administration and Enforcement
  28. Akhidime, E. A. & Abusonwan, E. R. (217-232)

  29. The Crisis of Under-Development and the Failure of the Elite Class in Adebayo Williams’ The Year of the Locusts
  30. Uwasomba, C. & Oluwole Coker (233-246)

  31. Uses of Semiotics in Periods of Hostilities, Armed Conflicts and Peace Building among the Yoruba, South-West Nigeria
  32. Olatunji, R. W. (247-261)

  33. Discursive Features of Selected Political Song Texts of the 2011 Electioneering Campaign Rallies in South-western Nigeria
  34. Ademilokun, M. (262-282)

  35. Availability and Utilization of Information Communication Technology (ICT) in Spoken English Teaching and Learning in South West Nigeria
  36. Akindele, J. (283-307)

  37. Post-Colonial Conflict in Africa: A Study of Richard Ali’s City of Memories
  38. Wadinga, Wandama (308-326)

Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License.


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