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IJAH VOL 3(2) April, 2014

Table of content

  1. Domian Transfer as a Strategy Deployed to Portray Massive Corruption in Olusegun Obasanjo’s Open Letter to President Jonathan: A Pragmatic Survey
  2. Aikoriogie, A. M. & Ugwu, E. N. (1-17)

  3. The Role of Literature Education in Curbing Violence: A focus on John Pepper Clark’s “The Casualties”
  4. Nnaji, P. O. (18-28)

  5. Godfatherism in the Politics of Nigeria: An Exposé
  6. Ishaku, B. L., Jatau, V. S. & Badung, J. N. (29-45)

  7. Christian – Muslim Relations in Nigeria: The Problems and Prospects
  8. Ottuh, P. O. O., Ottuh, J. A. & Aitufe, V. O. (46-62)

  9. Cultural Diplomacy and National Development: A Study of the Nigerian Entertainment Industry
  10. Sotubo, E. C-U. & Chidozie, F. C. (63-83)

  11. Objectivity in Television News Reportage: An Evalution of “Occupy Nigeria Movement” (Oil Subsidy Protest)
  12. Rishante, S. P. (84-103)

  13. Implementation Issues in Rural Development in Sub-Saharan African Countries: Problems and Prospects
  14. Okosun, V. A. & Ezomo, J. A. (104-119)

  15. The Dilemma of Local Government at Work in Nigeria
  16. Tonwe, D. A. & Eke, S. J. (120-136)

  17. Mechanism of Economic Empowerment and Development in Nigeria: A Discourse
  18. Alika, I. J. & Aibieyi, S. (137-157)

  19. Between Convention and Realism: the Nigerian People’s Definition of Democracy
  20. Edosa, Enaruna (158-178)

  21. Developing a Refractory Body, for Kiln Building in Nigeria
  22. Okonkwo, Ivan E. (179-197)

  23. Introduction of Inflation Linked Bond in Nigeria: Prospects and Challenges
  24. Akanbi, A. & Alabede, A. (198-211)

  25. Information and Communication Technology Use in Education: Emphasis on the Impact of Asynchronous Media
  26. Oduma, C. A. (212-231)

  27. Determinants of Perceived Students’ Academic Performance in Vocational Education in Tertiary Institutions in Lagos State
  28. Ojo, G. O. (232-247)

  29. Job Satisfaction and Attitude to Work of Cross River State College of Education Staff
  30. Izuchi, M. N. & Anetoh, B. C. (248-260)

  31. Contractor Selection for Enhancing the Quality of University Education in Nigeria using the Hamming Distance
  32. Omorogbe, D. E.A & Aibieyi, S. O. (272-284)

  33. Effective Assessment Framework: Sustainability of Post Amnesty Program in Niger Delta Region for National Development
  34. Anatsui, T. C. & Fagbemi, O. P. (285-303)

  35. Quality Assurance Culture in Niger Delta University: A Necessity for Enhancing Standards and National Transformation
  36. Agih, A. A. (304-321)

  37. Vocational Education and Economic Development In Nigeria
  38. Koko Ekpo& Akpan Okon (322-332)

  39. You Are “Dead” Without Your Language: Allaying the Fears That the Igbo Language Will Go into Extinction.
  40. Echezona, I. E. (333-347)

  41. 22. Confronting the Challenges Facing the Nigerian Nation State: Using Sports as Agent of Unification
  42. Ezike, C. O. (347-354)

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