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IJAH VOL 3(4) September, 2014

Table of content

  1. Fiction as a Blend of Fact and Imagination in Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie’s Purple Hibiscus
  2. Nnyagu, U. E. ()

  3. Church versus Ogun: Subversion and Irony in Wole Soyinka’s The Road
  4. Gomba, O. (1-17)

  5. Language Attitude and Nigerian Pidgin
  6. Obi, E. I. (34-46)

  7. Effect of Process Approach to Writing on Senior Secondary Students’ Achievement in Writing (Plateau Central Senatorial District)
  8. Daze, B. D. & Ebibi, J. O. (47-59)

  9. Politeness in Language Use: A Study of Undergraduates of Nnamdi Azikiwe University, Awka
  10. Ifechelobi, J. N. (60-69)

  11. Verbal Hygiene in the Use of the English Language: A Tool for Unity, Conflict Resolution and Sustainable Development in Nigeria
  12. Nzekwu, I. J. & Nnuta, M. C. (70-79)

  13. Prophet Ezekiel on Individual Responsibility: Implications for Nation Building in Nigeria
  14. Umeanolue, I. L. (80-95)

  15. Outline and Interpretation of Ritual Symbols and Behaviours in Isiokpo-Ikwerre Religious Thought
  16. Tasie, G. I. K. (96-110)

  17. The Death of Ken Saro-Wiwa: Its Moral Implications on Nigeria
  18. Saale, L. B. & David, P. (111-129)

  19. African Traditional Sculpture and Aesthetic Realism
  20. Mangiri, S. G. (130-141)

  21. Exploring the Role of Trade and Migrations in Nigeria-Ghana Relations in the Pre-Colonial and Colonial Periods
  22. Aremu, J. O. (142-156)

  23. Strategies for Effective Governance in Nigeria: University of Benin in Focus
  24. Uhunmwuangho, S. O. & Ogunbadeniyi, O. (157-175)

  25. Internal Security Crisis in Nigeria: Causes, Types, Effects and Solutions
  26. Egbefo, D. O. & Salihu, H. A. (176-195)

  27. Use of Instructional Technology for Effective Management of Primary Schools in Anambra State
  28. Ofojebe, W. N., Olibie, E. I & Chukwuma, E.T.C. (196-214)

  29. Book Review: Hill’s Nigeria Since Independence: Forever Fragile?
  30. Egbe, O. D. J. (215-222)

Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License.


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