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IJAH VOL 4(1) January, 2015

Table of content

  1. An Evaluation of Banks’ Liability in Robbery Incidents at Banks’ Premises in Nigeria
  2. Garuba, A. O. & Otomewo, G. O. T. (179-188)

  3. Craft Guilds and the Sustenance of Pre-Colonial Benin Monarchy
  4. Osagie, J. I. & Ikponmwosa, F. (1-17)

  5. An Assessment of Nigeria-China Economic Relations from 1999-2014
  6. Rindap, M. R. (18-30)

  7. Boko Haram Insurgency in Nigeria: A Nation-State in Search of Cohesion for National Development
  8. Obamwonyi, S. E. & Owenvbiugie, R. O. (31-45)

  9. Akokoland before Colonial Rule: Earliest Times to 1900
  10. Faboyede, O. (46-65)

  11. Aspect of Intergroup Relations in 21st Century Nigeria: Emblem of Ethnicity, Religious Fundamentalism and National Security Crisis 2000-2014
  12. Egbefo, D. O. (66-87)

  13. Migrant Groups and Inter-Group Relations in Tiv Society of Central Nigeria: Pre to Post Colonial Era
  14. Uji, W. T. (88- 97)

  15. The South-South and the National Conference of 2014
  16. Okeke, O. E. (98-110)

  17. Assessing Organizational Capability of a Voluntary Organization that Provides Capacity Building Interventions to Socioeconomic Problem: Developing Country Context
  18. Sanni, G. A. O. (111-120)

  19. Memorandum of Understanding and Its Effects on Multinational Companies Operations in Less Developed Countries: The Case of Nigeria
  20. Nwaeke, L. I. (121-139)

  21. A Dynamic Analysis of the Effects of Changes in Government Spending on Output in Nigeria
  22. Onoja, J. E. (140-147)

  23. An Analysis of the Policy Framework on Electricity in South Africa: A Public Interest Approach
  24. Okafor, C., Okechukwu, E. & Iloanya, K. (148-167)

  25. Effect of Ethics and Integrity on Good Public Procurement System
  26. Akaninyene, O. U. E. & Mark, J. (168-176)

  27. The Impact and Consequences of Corruption on the Nigerian Society and Economy
  28. Odo, L. U. (177-190)

  29. Perspectives on the Santiago Principles and the Nigeria Sovereign Wealth Fund
  30. Otinche, S. I. (191-206)

  31. Issues on the Gagging of Nigerian Press with Obnoxious Laws
  32. Elebute, A. (207-223)

  33. Omu Ngwo” (Omu-Furled - Tender Palm Frond) Symbology in Ikwerre, Rivers State, Nigeria
  34. Olumati, R. (224-231)

  35. Gani Odutokun’s Dialogue with Mona Lisa: Interrogating Implications of Euro-African Interface
  36. Edewor, U. N. O. (241-251)

  37. La Mauvaise Traduction Dans Des Etiquettes Des Produits Médicaux Ou Pharmaceutiques
  38. Asadu, F. O. (252-262)

Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License.

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