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IJAH VOL 4(2) April, 2015

Table of content

  1. National Security and National Development: A Critique
  2. Ebeh, J. I. (1-14)

  3. National Integration: A Panacea to Insecurity in Nigeria
  4. Adebile, O. P. (15-27)

  5. Protest Demonstrations, Political Participation and the Law in the Era of Terrorism:
  6. Eesuola, O. O. (28-41)

  7. Developmental Local Government as a Model for Grassroots Socio-Economic Development in Nigeria
  8. Okafor, C. D., Chukwuemeka, E. E. O. & Udenta, J. O. (42-61)

  9. Youth’s Unemployment and Illiteracy: Impact on National Security, the Nigerian Experience
  10. Akpan, D. A. (62-71)

  11. Communication through Performance: Hausa Performance Art
  12. Lawal, R. (72-81)

  13. Political Protest Songs and Actual Protest Values: Analysis of Fela’s “Sorrow, Tears & Blood” and Bob Marley’s “Stand up, Get up”
  14. Eesuola, O. O. (82-96)

  15. Politics of Resistance and Emancipation in Obari Gomba’s The Ascent Stone
  16. Akani, J. N. (97-106)

  17. Critical Themes in Some Nigerian Diaspora Short Stories
  18. Ajima, M. (107-120)

  19. Colour Studies: Clarification and Alpha-Numeric Adaptation of Notation Systems for Artists and Designers
  20. Ebigbagha, Z. S. (121-148)

  21. Political Advertising Design in Nigeria, 1960-2007
  22. Amifor, J. (149-163)

  23. Use of Mobile Phone Technology in Education for Easy Accessibility of Information: Challenges and Prospects
  24. Obiadazie, R. E. & Obijiofor V. U. (164-178)

  25. Socio-Cultural Conception of Albinism and Sexuality Challenges among Persons with Albinism (PWA) in South-West, Nigeria
  26. Ikuomola A. D. (189-208)

  27. Artistic Activism in Nigeria Art: A Course, a Cause
  28. Otu, J., Johnson, O. & Sani, B. S. (209-223)

Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License.


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