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IJAH VOL 5(1) January, 2016

Table of content

  1. Installation in Outdoor Advertising Designs: Engagement with Graphics and Sculpture 3D Interface
  2. Amifor, J. (1-12)

  3. Drivers Dexterity: George Osodi’s Oeuvre on Safety on the Nigerian Road
  4. Graves, P. N. (13-27)

  5. Graphic Communication for Development in Africa: Target Audience Perception and Response
  6. Ebigbagha, Z. S. (28-44)

  7. Industrial Design: Aesthetical Dynamics and Visual Alphabetization of Material Culture – Redefined
  8. Obasuyi, O.-F. E. (45-56)

  9. Nigeria at 100, 1914-2014: Alternative Projections for the Next 100 Years
  10. Ugbeda, E. C. M. & Egwemi, V. (57-71)

  11. Violence in Nigeria: Nature and Extent
  12. Irene, O. F. (72-85)

  13. Federalism, State Creation and the Minority Ethnic Groups in Nigeria’s National Integration Project
  14. Imuetinyan, F. & Uyi-Ekpen, O. (86-99)

  15. Ijo-Itsekiri Relations before the Colonial Period in Nigeria
  16. Erezene, Henchard B. (100-107)

  17. A Historical Analysis of Vocational Education in Western Nigeria, 1930s-1960s
  18. Oladejo, M. T. & Suberu, J. (108-122)

  19. A Critique of the Meta-theoretical Explanations and Analyses of the Pre-conditions for the Stimulation and Attraction of Foreign Direct Investments
  20. Salami, A. T. (123-137)

  21. Tax Reforms in Nigeria: Case against Tax Incentives
  22. Omesi, I. & Nzor, N. P. (138-150)

  23. Impact of Currency Devaluation on Economic Growth of Nigeria
  24. Momodu, A. A. & Akani, F. N. (151-163)

  25. On the Origin of Administrative and Management Sciences: A Further Study of Jethro
  26. Osai, O. J., Eleanya, L. U. M., Ariaga, R. C. & Ukposi, C. O. (164-173)

  27. Nollywood Mothering: A Socio-Cultural Analysis of the Concept of Motherhood in Select Nigerian Films
  28. Odi, Christine (194-208)

  29. A Reading of Waiting, Time and Social Change in S. N. A. Agoro’s Something To Die For
  30. Binebai, B. & Ineritei, K. I. (209-219)

  31. Textbook Assessment: Matching the Reader with the Reading Text.
  32. Obiora, F. C. (220-226)

  33. The Impact of the English Language on the Development of African Ethos: The Igbo Experience
  34. Akujobi, O.S. (227-235)

  35. La Traduction Française des Noms Igbo pour la Préservation de la Nation Igbo
  36. Asadu, O. F. (236-244)

  37. Stylistic Devices in Ben Okri’s The Famished Road
  38. Ikechi, E. (245-253)

  39. Stylistic Study of Purple Hibiscus
  40. Chukwukaelo, A. (254-265)

  41. Effects of Cooperative and Problem-Solving Learning Strategies on Students’ Achievement in Senior Secondary School History in Oyo State, Nigeria
  42. Junaid, I. O. (295-311)

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