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IJAH VOL 5(4) September, 2016

Table of content

  1. Creating Local Peace Committee: A Participatory Action Research Project in Ojoo
  2. Irene, O. F. & Aikhoje, A. E (. 63-79)

  3. A Comparative Study of Igala and Igbo Culture and Communication Systems in Ata Igala Coronation and Ofala Festival, 2013
  4. Ottah, G. A. (1-23)

  5. Kola Nut as a Symbol of Welcome Among the Igede of Benue State
  6. Adega, A. P. (24-35)

  7. Intrigues and Twist in the Imamate Crisis of Lagos Central Mosque (Jama’atul Muslimeen Council), 1841 to 1947
  8. Raifu, I. O. (36-48)

  9. The Impact of Militancy and Cult Groups’ Activities on Rundele Community Development in Niger Delta Region of Nigeria
  10. Wilson, G. (49-62)

  11. From Campuses to Communities: Community-Based Cultism and Local Responses in the Niger Delta Region, Nigeria
  12. Owonikoko, B. S. & Ifukor, U. (80-93)

  13. Patriarchy, Women’s Triple Roles and Development in Southwest Nigeria
  14. Alliyu, N. (94-110)

  15. An Examination of Brenhoma Cultural Heritage in Asare Konadu’s A Woman In Her Prime
  16. Nnaji, P. O., Ebibi, J. O. & Aaron, V. A. (111-118)

  17. The Role of the Media in the Development of the English Language in Nigeria
  18. Ugoji, S. C. (119-128)

  19. Adopting The Indigenous Nigerian Languages for National Development
  20. Obiegbu, I. (129-135)

  21. Ibie’ka (Ideographs): Developing Visual Signs for Expressing Contemporary Niger Delta in an Era of Petroleum Oil Exploitation
  22. Edewor, U. N. (136-148)

  23. Christendom’s Narratives and the Stained Glass Designs of Yusuf Cameron Adebayo Grillo
  24. Graves, P. N. (149-172)

  25. Civil Society and the Dynamics of Democratisation in Nigeria (1999-2007)
  26. Olayode, K. (173-185)

  27. Resource Control and The Politics of Revenue Allocation in Nigerian Federation
  28. Egugbo, C. C. (186-201)

  29. The Social-Economic Impediments to Kidnapping Eradication in Southern Nigeria
  30. Oyemwinmina, C. & Osazuwa, A. J. (202-213)

  31. The Nigerian Cocoa Farmers and the Fluctuations in World Cocoa Prices in the 1930s
  32. Muojama, O. G. (214-231)

  33. Audience Perception of Television Animated Cartoons as Tool for Political Communication: A Study of Selected Towns in North Central Nigeria
  34. Okoro, N. & Onakpa, M. S. (232-249)

Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License.


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