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IJAH VOL 6(2) April, 2017

Table of content

  1. Taylor and Francis Journals Under the Critical Lens of Readability Analysis
  2. Gyasi, W. (1-14)

  3. Examining Ambiguities in Film Titles: The Nigerian Situation
  4. Nwala, M. A. & Princewill-Nwaduwa, B. (15-27)

  5. Examining Ambiguities in Film Titles: The Nigerian Situation
  6. Nwala, M. A. & Princewill-Nwaduwa, B. (15-27)

  7. African Philosophy of Development as Expressed in Shona Proverbs
  8. Masowa, A. & Mamvura, Z. (28-40)

  9. Theatrical Performance as a Tool for Social Work in Nigeria
  10. Krama, I. C. (41-47)

  11. From Subversive Othering to Utopian Imagining: Gendered Vision and Revision in Vincent Egbuson’s Womandela
  12. Adebiyi-Adelabu, K. (48-62)

  13. Kola Nut: Revisiting the Igbo Socio-Cultural Values and Identity
  14. Obineche, J. O. (94-107)

  15. The Dasukigate and Peace Building: Hangover of Military Professionalism or Corruption Incarnate
  16. Niworu, S. M. (108-124)

  17. Effects of Caffeine and Anxiety Level on Psychomotor Performance
  18. Ogunkuade, I. M. (125-140)

  19. Effect of Capacity Building on Organizational Performance of Multipurpose Cooperative Societies in Osun State of Nigeria
  20. Nwankwo, F., Olabisi, T. A., Onwuchekwa, F. (141-158)

  21. Empirical Assessment of Frauds on Banks’ Liquidity: Evidence from Nigeria
  22. Imegi, J. C. & Ogbeide, S. O. (159-170)

  23. Forensic Accounting and Fraudulent Practices in the Nigerian Public Sector
  24. Akani, F. N. & Ogbeide, S. O. (171-181)

  25. Internal Population Displacement and Its Aftermath on Nigerian Political Economy: An Enduring Colonial Template
  26. Niworu, S. M. (182-193)

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