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IJAH VOL 6(4) September, 2017

Table of content

  1. African Femininities in Tsitsi Dangarembga’s Nervous Conditions
  2. Gadzikwa, J. (1-11)

  3. Nollywood and the Nigerian Security Situation: Prospects and Challenges of Alternative Security Outfits in Lancelot Odua Imasuen’s Isakaba
  4. Nwosu, C. C. & Uche, O. O. C. (12-21)

  5. Utilizing Indigenous Elements on Akwa-Ocha for Modern Fabric Design and Garments
  6. Onwuakpa, L. E. (22-36)

  7. Rethinking John Dewey’s Instrumentalism Vis a Vis the Igbo Notion of “Akonucheism”
  8. Ihejirika, C. I. C. & Emedolu, C. C. (37-51)

  9. Export of Oil Palm Produce from Esan in the Colonial Period
  10. Unumen, J. O. (52-64)

  11. History and Methodology in a Nigerian University
  12. Adesina, O. A. (65-76)

  13. ICT and the English Language: The Defective Impact of Text Messaging and E-Mailing
  14. Bankole, M. A. & Ogunrinde, E. D. (77-92)

  15. A Critical Discourse Analysis of Courtroom Proceedings in Nigeria
  16. Richard, B. & Nwizug, S. S. (93-102)

  17. L’Espace Romanesque De Sony Labou Tansi: Enjeu des Forces Sociolectales
  18. Okolo, C. J. (103-113)

  19. An Assessment of Citizens’ Participation in the 2016 Governorship Electoral Process in Edo State, Nigeria: A Content Analysis Approach
  20. Mustapha, A. I. & Ebomoyi, I. (114-123)

  21. Determinants of HIV Testing Among Sexually Active Young People in Zambia
  22. Menon, A. J., Mwaba, S. O. C. & Thankian, K. (130-143)

  23. Commercial Banks’ Sectoral Credit Allocation and Growth of Nigeria Economy: An Impact Analysis (1994-2015)
  24. Paul, N. (144-161)

  25. The Impact of Adverbial Mobility on L2 English Competence: A Study on Students of Emarid College, Port Harcourt
  26. Ahaotu, J. O. (178-192)

Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License.


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