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STECH VOL 3(3) September, 2014

Table of content

  1. The Use of Interactive Media in Teaching of Human Kinetics (Kinesiology)
  2. Ezike, C. O. (104-118)

  3. Biogas and Solar Energy Use in Rural Institutions in Southern Province, Rwanda
  4. Muhizi, T., Twarabamenye , E., Ndahayo, F. & Hakizimana, A. (1-15)

  5. Evaluation of Two Indigenous Multipurpose Shrub Species for Agroforestry Practices in Nigeria
  6. Udofia, S. I., Uluocha, O. B., Owoh, P. W. & Asuquoekpo, C. R. (16-26)

  7. Observations on the Biology of Callosobruchus Maculatus (Fab.) (Coleoptera: Bruchidae) under Ambient Laboratory Conditions
  8. Barde A. A., Misari S. M. & Dike M. C. (27-33)

  9. Effectiveness of Using Floating Drum Bio-Digester to Treat Domestic Sewage
  10. Adeniran, K. A. & Kareem, K.Y. (34-46)

  11. Incidence of Gummosis and Its Effect on Growth Attributes of Terminalia Ivorensis A. Chev. and T. mantaly H. Perrier in Port Harcourt, Nigeria
  12. Omokhua, G. E. & Chima, U. D. (57-66)

  13. Enhancing the Production of Cassava in the Rural Sector of the Nigerian Economy through Integrated Rural Development
  14. Okosun, V. A. & Aihie-Ezomo, J. (67-80)

  15. Assessment of Water Supply Quality in Awka, Anambra State, Nigeria
  16. Ezeabasili, A.C.C., Okoro, B.U. & Okonkwo, A.U. (81-93)

  17. Effect of the Mode of Admission on the Performance of NCE Biology Students in Osun State College of Education, Ila Orangun
  18. Farounbi, A. I. (94-105)

  19. Data Mining for Cyber Security
  20. Ikemelu C. R. K. (106-112)

  21. The Place of Idealism in Scientific –Technological Advancement in Nigeria
  22. Ehigie, J. O. & Osaigbovo, J. E. (113-126)

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