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IJAH VOL 9 (2) April, 2020

Table of content

  1. Capital Market and the Growth of Domestic Economy: Evidence from Nigeria
  2. Ogbonna, B. C. & Eze, O. M. (233-243)

  3. Marketing Orientation and Students Retention in Tanzania Higher Learning Institution: Mediating Role of Institutional Reputation
  4. Muya, F. & Tundui, H. (214-232)

  5. Healing Through Music and Dancing in Aladura Christianity
  6. Orakwe, J. T. (244-256)

  7. An Insight on the Historiography of the Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade
  8. Buruk, W.-M. J. & Belete, B. Y. (1-12)

  9. Inclusive Humanism and the Socio-Economic Development of Nigeria
  10. Elechi, M. (13-23)

  11. A Philosophical Interpretation of the Concept of Authority in the African Milieu
  12. Onwuatuegwu, I. N. (24-31)

  13. Language, Social Media and Economic Development: Reports of Fulani Herdsmen’s Rampage in Benue State, Nigeria, 2018
  14. Umera-Okeke, Nneka (32-47)

  15. Literary Linguistics and Foregrounding: A Graphological Expedition of Helon Habila’s Measuring Time and Waiting for an Angel
  16. Awa, J. O. (48-66)

  17. Demystifying English Reading Comprehension: Implication for Teacher Classroom Practices in Osun State, Nigeria
  18. Adediran, A. O. (67-77)

  19. Absurdity of Human Existence in Albee’s Drama Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf
  20. Adhikary, R. P. (78-93)

  21. An Enemy of One’s Own: A Deconstructive Analysis of Patriarchal Subordination in Ifeoma Okoye’s Works
  22. Asiegbu, P. S. (94-106)

  23. Rustic Feminists in Clark-Bekederemo’s Drama
  24. Ngwoke, O. O. (107-124)

  25. Ceramic Art Practice in Ghana: A Genealogical Review
  26. Nortey, S., Amoanyi, R., & Aduba, D. A. (125-141)

  27. An Examination of Early Response to the Anglican Ordained Ministry by the Ikwerre of Niger Delta, 1895-1995
  28. Onu, Ben O. (142-153)

  29. The Practice of African Traditional Religion before the Introduction of Foreign Religions
  30. Olumati, R. (154-163)

  31. Rural Broadcasting: A Panacea for Rural Development in Nigeria
  32. Odionye, C. M. (164-176)

  33. The Odyssey of Third Cinema Theory in the Toxic Haze of Politics
  34. Dede, A. S. & Dienye, E. H. (177-189)

  35. “Yabbis” as Satiric Art in the Musical Performances of Fela Anikulapo Kuti in Postcolonial Africa
  36. Ejue, O. G. (190-202)

  37. Comparative Analysis of Management of Higher Education in Nigeria: Selected Universities as a Focal Point
  38. Uhunmwuangho, S. O. & Diakpomrere, V. O. (203-213)

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