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AFRREV VOL 14(2) April, 2020

Table of content

  1. Development of Feldspathic Glaze for Pottery Industry Using Seger Classification
  2. Nortey, S. Amoanyi, R. &Asiedu-Kwarteng, J. (1-12)

  3. Challenges & Solutions in Improving Labour Productivity at Bahir Dar Textile Share Company (BDTSC) – A case study
  4. Subramanian, K, & Govindan, N. (13-23)

  5. Inauspicious Design of the Legal and Regulatory Framework Governing Primary SACCOS’ Credit Advancement in Tanzania
  6. Mukama, R. J., John, U. & Massawe, H. T. (24-35)

  7. The Concept of National Development: The View of a Philosopher
  8. Onwuatuegwu, I. N. (36-44)

  9. Women, War and Work: The Biafran Case
  10. Obianika, C. E. (45-56)

  11. The Nollywood Militant Agitation Film Genre: Exploring Disillusionment and Terrorism in Nigerian Film Culture
  12. Dede, A. S. (57-71)

  13. The Nexus between Socio-economic Changes and Language Vitality: English, a ‘Killer’ Language in the Globalised World?
  14. Umera-Okeke, Nneka (72-78)

  15. English versus Indigenous Nigerian Languages: Trends in Language Acquisition amongStudents of University of Port Harcourt, Nigeria
  16. Ahaotu, J. O. (79-93)

  17. Perseverance as a Panacea for Erring Human Relations in Ann Iwuagwu’s Arrow of Destiny
  18. Ukande, C. K. & Kaan, A. T. (94-102)

  19. Adichie Di Ichie: The African Female Writer and Critical Acclaim
  20. Asiegbu, P. S. (103-111)

  21. Documenting Ghanaian Dances through Labanotation
  22. Osei, L. A. (112-120)

  23. Igba-eze Instrumental Ensemble of Anaku: A Critical Review of Documentation Style
  24. Nwobu, S. N. & Umezinwa, E. C. (121-138)

  25. User-Generated Contents and Professional Journalism Practice in Nigeria: Perception of Journalists in Select Media Houses in Abuja and Lagos
  26. Nnaane, B. & Olise, P. F. (139-152)

  27. Headteachers’ Technical Competencies and Financial Performance of Public Primary Schools in Narok County, Kenya
  28. Kipkemoi, K. J. (153-165)

  29. System of Traditional Education and Inculcation of Moral Values in Nigeria
  30. Olumati, R. (166-176)

  31. Student Teachers’ Challenges in the Preparation and Implementation of Microteaching at the National University of Lesotho
  32. Makafane, T. D. (177-189)

  33. Effects of Autocratic and Authentic Leadership Styles on Teacher Motivation in Selected Primary Schools, Botswana
  34. Bikimane, G. I. & Makambe, U. (190-204)

  35. Manuscript Rejection: Understanding the Reasons and Remedies in the Perspective of an Author of Rejected Manuscripts
  36. Olajuyin, O. A. (205-212)

  37. Are Nigerian Households Ricardian?
  38. Ogbonna, B. C. (213-221)

  39. Health Cost of Pesticide Use by Cocoa Farmers in Nigeria
  40. Aminu, F. O., Balogun, E. O. S. & Edun, T. A. (222-233)

  41. Instructional-based Strategies for Stimulating Secondary School Students Career Interest in Agriculture in Bayelsa State, Nigeria
  42. Ugo, P. & Obiyai, K. K. (234-245)

  43. Adolescents’ Attitude towards Masturbation: The Case of High School Students’ in the Cape Coast Metropolis of Ghana
  44. Mintah, P. C., Amponsah, K. D. & Adasi, G. S. (246-259)

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