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IJAH VOL 3(1) January, 2014

Table of content

  1. Religion and Sustainable Environment in the Niger Delta: The Ogoni Experience
  2. Saale, L. B. ()

  3. The Essence of Democracy
  4. Edosa, E. ()

  5. An Evaluation of the Indigenous Practice of Osusu Cooperatives among the Benins of South-South, Nigeria
  6. Ugiagbe, E. O. & Vincent-Osaghae, G. (1- 17)

  7. Objectivity: A Subject of Discourse in Historical Writing
  8. Oyewale, P. O. (18-30)

  9. In Search of a Window: An Analysis of Ijaw Migrations to Central Africa
  10. Oyewale, P. O (18-30)

  11. In Search of a Window: An Analysis of Ijaw Migrations to Central Africa
  12. Asuk, O. C. (31-48)

  13. Conflicts between Fulani Herders and Farmers in Central and Southern Nigeria: Discourse on Proposed Establishment of Grazing Routes and Reserves
  14. Okeke, O. E. (66-84)

  15. Digesting The Dynamics of Federal-State-Local Government Nexus in Nigeria’s Federal System
  16. Tonwe, D. A. (85-103)

  17. The Current Global Economic Crisis: Implication for Best Teacher Practices for University Graduate Capacity Building in Nigeria
  18. Egbefo, D. O. & Salihu, H. (121-144)

  19. The Impact of Budget Deficit on Trade Balance in Nigeria: An Empirical Analysis, 1980 - 2011
  20. Ogba, Likita (145-159)

  21. Rural Community Development: Bedrock for National Development
  22. Anatsui, Tina. C. (160-178)

  23. The Media, Corruption and Democratic Accountability in Nigeria’s Fourth Republic
  24. Santas, T. (179-198)

  25. Inculturation of the Church: Example of the Igboland, South-East, Nigeria
  26. Umezinwa, C. C. (199-217)

  27. Cultural Administration and Arts Management in Nigeria: A Historical Insight
  28. Umukoro, J. O. (218-238)

  29. A Biblical Reflection on Ecology and Its Application to Contemporary African Church
  30. Uka, E. & Ukoha, I. S. (239-258)

  31. Examining the Relevance of Language to the Making of the Educated Person and the Implications thereof to Relevant Education in Nigeria
  32. Chukwu, E. & Okeke, A. C. (259-269)

  33. Preserving the Cultural Identity of the English as a Second Language Learners in Nigeria Using TESOL Principles for ESL Education Standards
  34. Umera-Okeke, N. & Ezekwe, A. (270-282)

  35. Motor Park Discourse in South-Western Nigeria: Relations among Discourse, Group Ideology and Social Identity
  36. Amao, T. A. (283-309)

  37. Class Conflict and Rural Development: An Ethnographic Analysis of Tradition Title Dispute in Southern Nigeria
  38. Okolocha, C. F. & Akpomera, E. (310-329)

  39. Ensuring Effective Mentoring in Tertiary Institutions in Anambra State
  40. Okereke, E. C. (330-340)

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