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IJAH VOL 3(3) July, 2014

Table of content

  1. Effects of Strike Cost on Economic Development in Nigeria
  2. Ezeagba, E. C. ()

  3. Does Road Safety Projects Relate to Community Capacity Building: a Critical Review?
  4. Sanni, G. A. O. (1-14)

  5. Economic Crisis during the Second World War and the Response of the Market Traders in Ibadan, Nigeria
  6. Ajayi, A. T. (15-25)

  7. Globalization and Conflict: the African Experience
  8. Okpalaobi, N. (35-46)

  9. Democracy and Succession Problems in Nigeria: the Fourth Republic Experience
  10. Olaniyi, L. K. & Umar, M. B. (47-60)

  11. National Integration, Citizenship, Political Participation and Democratic Stability in Nigeria
  12. Edosa, E. (61-82)

  13. Private Placements as Sources of Long Term Funds for Publicly Quoted Firms in the Nigerian Capital Market
  14. Ezeagba, C. E. (83-88)

  15. Ethnic Minorities and the Nigerian State
  16. Rindap, M. R. & Mohd’ Auwal , M. I. (89-101)

  17. Nigeria’s Cobweb of Corruption and Path to Underdevelopment
  18. Alliyu, N., Kalejaiye, P. O. & Ogunola, A. A. (102-127)

  19. Music Performance as Therapy for Managing Stress amongst the Academics in Nigerian Federal Universities
  20. Modeme, E. R. & Sunday-Kanu, R. A. (128-145)

  21. Influence of Environment on a Child’s Acquisition of English as a Second Language and the Gradual Extinction of Nigerian Languages: A Study of Children of Selected Schools in Choba, Nigeria
  22. Omego, C. U (146-161)

  23. The Present State of Children’s Literature in Indigenous African Languages: the Igbo Example
  24. Ezenwa-Ohaeto, N. (162-177)

  25. Does Absolute Synonymy Exist in Owere-Igbo?
  26. Omego, C. U. (178-194)

  27. Metaphony and the Theory of Gapping in the Phonology of Eleme
  28. Ngulube, I. E (195-212)

  29. The Art of Preview for Appropriate Teaching/Learning Material Selection
  30. Umera-Okeke, N.P. & Mbah, C. (213-219)

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