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IJAH VOL 5(3) June, 2016

Table of content

  1. Prospects of Studying Magical Realism in Nigerian Literature
  2. Wandama, W. (1-12)

  3. The Role of Literary Theory in Teaching and Learning of French Literature in Nigeria
  4. Akese, M. T. (13-24)

  5. Literature and Development: Perspectives from Stylistics
  6. Obobolo, V. (25-41)

  7. Language Education for Character and Skill Development in Nigeria
  8. Nzekwu I. (42-54)

  9. L’abus de l’enfant comme obstacle au développement humain : Étude d’Allah n’est pas obligé d’Ahmadou Kourouma
  10. Muotoo, C. H. & Obinaju, N. J. (55-65)

  11. Evolution Narratologique du Roman Africain Francophone : Le Cas de Les Gardiens du Temple de Cheikh Hamidou Kane
  12. Eteka, Ante J. (66-77)

  13. Writing Anxiety: An Affective Filter for Essay Writing Instruction among ESL Students in Ibadan
  14. Fakeye, D. O. & Ohia, I. N. (78-88)

  15. The Religious and Socio-Cultural Implication of African Names: Igbo Naming System as a Paradigm
  16. Udechukwu, G. I. & Nnyigide, N. M. (89-103)

  17. Meaning and Interpretation of Igbo Body-Parts Based Idioms
  18. Okoye, A. N. & Mmadike, B. I. (104-119)

  19. An Attempt at a Logical Refutation of Descartes’ Cogito Ergo Sum
  20. Ebeh, J. I. (120-131)

  21. An Attempt at a Logical Refutation of Descartes’ Cogito Ergo Sum
  22. Ebeh, J. I. (120-131)

  23. Personal Aggrandizement: An Insight into Ben Enwonwu’s Privilege Position in the Evolution of Nigerian Art
  24. Oladesu J. O. (132-135)

  25. An Appraisal of the State Fund and Empowerment Programme in Nigeria
  26. Uhunmwuangho, S. O. & Akintoye, E. O. (150-160)

  27. From Colonialism to Neo-colonialism, Christianity in Cultural Demythologization and Ecological Crises in the Niger Delta, Nigeria
  28. Ijaola, S. O. (161-178)

  29. The Search for Viable Local Government System in Nigeria: An Interrogation
  30. Odo, U. L. (179-189)

  31. A Study of the Origin of an Indigenous Community in Central Nigeria: Interrogating Akpoto-Igala Phenomenon
  32. Abdullahi, M. Y. (190-196)

  33. Parents’ Occupation as Correlate of Students’ Career Aspiration in Public Secondary Schools in Ekpoma Metropolis
  34. Ehigbor, B. O. & Akinlosotu, T. N. (197-212)

  35. The Influence of Self-Concept and Social Acceptance on Academic Achievement of Students with Visual Impairment in Oyo State, Nigeria
  36. Eguavoen, E. O. & Eniola, M. S. (213-230)

  37. The Influence of Family Factors on Delinquent adolescents in Secondary Schools in Edo South Senatorial District of Edo State
  38. Osagie-Obazee, G. E. & Eduwen, F. O. (231-243)

  39. Effective Marketing of Library and Information Services: Problems and Prospects
  40. Igwela, J. N. B. & Owate, C. O. (244-254)

  41. Human Trafficking: A Variant of the Historic Slave Trade in Contemporary Nigeria
  42. Emanemua, A. B. (255-262)

  43. The Novelist and Social Commitment: A Study of Meja Mwangi’s The Bushtrackers
  44. Ukande, C. K. (263-273)

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